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Azalia twisted the gold ring on her finger, knowing that she was making the right decision. She clutched the bouquet in her hand as she trudged up the snow covered stone steps to the Shrine.

Nobody else was near, and she knelt before the large Shrine at the foot of her mother after placing the bouquet of red roses on the alter. She bowed her head, a feeling of serenity washing over her.

"You know why I'm here," Azalia said, feeling as if she was speaking to the wind. She knew Azura was listening, "Especially if you have been watching me all of this time."

She looked down at the gold band on her finger once more, remembering the beautiful memories of binding her life to his.

"I can't join you in Moonshadow," Azalia looked up at the serene face of the statue, "I have found my place in this life, and it's with the Guild, and the man that I love. Nothing can ever change my mind, and my love for him outweighs all else."

Azalia stood back up, gazing down at the beautiful bouquet of unblemished roses atop the alter.

"Goodbye, mother."

That day, the clouds cried tears of a Goddess.

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