Will Jungkook be ok?

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The members of BTS were currently hanging out at their practice room inside the building without anything to bother them after they have finished a successful show in Thailand.

They were chatting and laughing together. It was pretty obvious that they were having a lot of fun and very thankful for the break bang pd gave them because they needed it.

"I'll be right back, gotta use the restroom real quick!" Jungkook said and ran out.

Speaking of Jungkook, he finally changed his look.

His hair was now shorter and brown.

After 10 mins or so, Jae started smelling smoke

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After 10 mins or so, Jae started smelling smoke.

(JJ's POV)

*sniff* "Do you guys smell smoke??"

Jimin looked around him, "Yeah I do."

"They probably burned some food in the kitchen or something," Suga said.

And all of a sudden...

Someone yells from outside, "FIRE!"

We all immediately get up and run outside the building.

"Is everyone alright?!" Bang PD asked us all and we all nodded.

Suddenly, I felt my heart stop.

"Uh guys.. WHERE IS JUNGKOOK??!" 

(RM's P.O.V)

Without even thinking, I quickly ran inside the building to find him.

"NAMJOON NO!" I heard the members call out for me, but I ignored them.

All that matters for me at the moment is Jungkook's safety.

I can't let him die at such a young age!

"Jungkook! Jungkook where are you?!" I yell out for him, praying he would answer back.

I stop right at my tracks when I see his body laying on the floor in the middle of the hallway.

He was covered in ash and sweat.

I quickly pick up the 15 year old and run out of the building before it's too late.

(Author's P.O.V)

"Look!" J-hope said as he pointed at the door that revealed their leader running out with the unconscious boy in his arms.

"Bring the stretcher!" Bang PD gestured to the paramedics.

Namjoon set him down and said, "He's still breathing a little, but we still need to get him to the hospital."

(JJ's P.O.V)

My whole world crashed when I saw the paramedics put the oxygen mask on Jungkook and wheel him into the ambulance and drive off.

I fell on my knees as the tears were streaming down my cheeks uncontrollably.

The real question is... Will Jungkook be ok...?

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