Peaceful- Vikklan

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Tw- Death. A very descriptive death.

Vikk's P.O.V.

My headphones plugged in, I stared out the window with blank eyes and tired thoughts. I leaned my head against the glass and felt the vibrations through my body, almost falling asleep as the three others in the car chattered amongst themselves.

They were trying to be as quiet as possible, I think they thought I was asleep and I was grateful for it as I was exhausted. I felt the car bump, meaning we had just pulled up in the driveway and I groaned. I ran my hands over my eyes, squinting at the lights and pulling my headphones out, waiting for the onslaught of noise now everyone knew I was awake.

"Finally awake now?"

"I don't think I was ever asleep." From up in the front seat Josh laughed and Simon turned his head back so he could look at me.

"Bloody hell just go to bed already, you look like shit." I nodded.

"I know, I feel like shit too." JJ was in the seat next to me and he looked around too, actually looking slightly concerned.

"You know you didn't have to come right, we could have filmed football without you." I sighed, knowing it was true but I went anyway.

"It's not like I could have slept anyway, Lachlan was using my set-up."

"I thought he was going to sleep."

"That too."


I pulled myself up from kitchen bench, placing the empty cereal bowl in the sink and waving goodnight to Simon and Josh, even though it was only 5 o'clock. I was exhausted, the sleepless nights of the past week catching up on me and my almost non-stop recording tearing me apart.

Lachlan had been using my set-up when we left because the we hadn't replaced some of the screens in the guest set-up, not since we had moved anyway. I knew he was exhausted, just as I was, and I had made him promise he would go to bed after recording two videos, which could take up to three hours.

He had been staying with us for just over a week by that point and had been out recording some videos for a special project for most of that time, sometimes out for 14 hours of the day. I only found out when he collapsed as soon as he walked in the front door and I had made him rest for two days before allowing him to go back as long as he was back before 8.

"Lachlan?" His call came back down the stairs within seconds and he sounded weary.

"Yeah?" I almost sprinted up the stairs, dressed in my football gear and ready to go and film the football videos with the boys. I pushed open my bedroom door and saw Lachlan sitting at my desk, his eyes showing complete tiredness.

He was already recording but from the looks of it he had given up, reaching up to turn off the camera but before he could I grabbed his hand and kissed him.

"Hey babe, how you feeling?" He sighed.

"Crap, I've got a massive headache and I can't really wake up. I think I might be getting sick, it's literally come on in the last 10 minutes." I kissed his forehead gently, wrapped my arms around his neck from behind.

"I'll see you later okay, make sure you're asleep before I get back or I'll drag you there." He smiled again, leaning up to kiss me. I frowned, he tasted almost metallic, like there was blood in his mouth so I pulled back.

"You aren't bleeding are you? You taste like blood." His eyebrows raised.

"Vampire?" I shook my head, laughing and glancing over his desk. There was a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate, barely a few sips taken out of it. A voice came from the door and I turned to see Josh's head stuck around the door.

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