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warning; emotional abuse (sorta)
(also also also, listen to the song 'nothing left for you' by sam smith bc this is based off that song)

warning; emotional abuse (sorta)(also also also, listen to the song 'nothing left for you' by sam smith bc this is based off that song)

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third person;

The 20 year old sighed and pulled her hood over her head. For two reasons, one because she didn't want to be seen by any of her current boyfriend's fans or the paparazzi. Dating Tom Holland had its perks, like being pampered 25/8 or having the privilege of loving him one day. But it also had its faults, like being followed around and harrassed.

The second reason was because it was raining and she was already cold and didn't want to be even more freezing. It was around 3:30, she saw once she checked her watch. She had just left her therapy and was supposed to meet Tom around the corner in his car.

Why was Y/N in therapy? Oh, ask her piece of shit ex-boyfriend. Long story short, he emotionally abused her for years. Yeah, years. The two had been dating for 6 years before Tom finally made her end it. Thank God, too. After she was out of the horrible living situation, she quickly came to the realization that it could've become much, much worse if not for Tom.

She was lucky to have him. She was even luckier when one year later Tom asked her out on a date. Y/N figured there was no one better for her than Tom, 'cause it's not like she had to explain her situation to him, or why she was weird in some situations, or why she went to therapy every week. He was there for it all, he knew everything and that lifted a weight off Y/N's shoulders.

Maybe I'm done. Maybe it's true. Maybe I had one chance and I lost it with you. We fell so hard with nothing to lose. I'll never love again I'll never love you.

Once she reached the car, she quickly jumped in and pressed her lips to her boyfriend's. He smiled softly at her and turned the radio down before turning the car over. "Hey, darling. How was it?"

She loved that about him. He was always looking out for her. He really cared, unlike him— her ex. The bane of both their existences.

She shrugged and buckled herself in, "It was good, I guess. I-I just feel like you're wasting your money." Y/N frowned, looking out into the rainy London pass by.

Tom furrowed his eyebrows as he stopped at the red light, "What do you mean? If it's helping how would I be wasting our money."

Y/N was not rich by any means. Not since her ex basically took all her money. He had made her pay for everything. And not that Y/N minded, because she had been independent since a young age, but it was more of a burden than anything. Especially when he spent all her hard earned money on stupid things, like booze or fast food, or unnecessary dinners with "friends".

So, when Tom and Y/N got together she was surprised that he wanted to help pay. She was surprised when he wanted to do many things- it was just something she needed to get used to. The graciousness that is Tom Holland, that is.

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