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Eva grit her teeth when the burning pain started to climb her body like a ladder. The fire scorched her toes and then slowly made its way up to the rest of her body. The pain was so intense that she often looked around, checking to make sure that she wasn't actually surrounded by flames.

The water was starting to lose its effect. She was growing immune to the small amount of peace the coldness brought her. The heat was adapting to all the changes she made in order to ensure her misery. She couldn't take any more painkillers because she had reached the limit of consumption for 24 hours.

Lana walked into the bathroom with a glass of water in-hand. Her face was wrinkled with concern. She sat by the bathtub and pulled the cup to Eva's lips.

Once Lana placed the cup on the floor, she pulled her hand into the water and placed it on top of Eva's. The touch sent a painful shock up Eva's arm. It was as if her body recognized that the hand didn't belong to Adrian and was punishing her for making contact with it. Eva didn't pull away, knowing that Lana was trying to provide comfort.

"Maybe you should call him" the second Lana made the suggestion, Eva shook her head. She refused to give in, she wouldn't do that to Adrian. He had done so much for her, the least she could do was avoid forcing him to have sex with her. She didn't know if he was prepared for that level of intimacy and she wasn't going to ask him if he was because he would likely put her first and say yes even if he didn't want to. She knew he would do anything to make her happy.

Although he had shown sexual interest in her at the hotel and through the suggestive comments he made all the time, Eva didn't know how far he wanted to go. What if he was religious and wanted to wait for marriage for sex? She read about a moon goddess werewolves believed in but she didn't know much about their customs.

Oh god, is he religious? Does he even plan on marrying me? Why is this happening to me?

Her body noticed her train of thought and the pain in her abdomen increased, making her groan.

"I don't get what the point of this is. If you don't want him to touch you then tell him that and he won't. He'll respect you and stay away." Eva looked at the woman with confusion. Who in their damn right mind wouldn't want him?

Eva was 25 and hadn't been touched by a man in many years. She had absolutely no problem mating with him. She loved and trusted him.

"Just give him a call? He might have some medication or know about something that I don't," Lana pleaded.

"What if he just holds me? Will that make it hurt less?"

Lana grimaced and shook her head "No, that just increases the pain to convince you to consummate."

"Then no. I'm staying here" she replied with a look that left no room for argument.


"Please just let me be," Eva begged.

"Okay," Lana caved in. She felt upset that she wasn't able to convince her. With one last pitiful glance, she stood up and walked out of the bathroom.


"Following up on Friday's incident- Genesis was able to determine what caused the fire. Two teens ventured out into the woods and started a campfire that they didn't put out properly. How should we proceed?" Evan asked. His eyes shifted from the paper on his hands to Adrian when he didn't respond.

"Uh, sir?"

"What?" Adrian asked, finally snapping out of his daydream.

"The case... the fire..." Evan drew out.

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