redheaded fury

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sweet pea with his arm still around his girl walked up to the redheaded boy who appeared to be spray painting something onto the wall of serpent territory and said with anger in his voice"hey what the hell are you doing" in which the boy replied "back off im not here for you" causing the other boy to get even more annoyed by this boy thinking he could do what he liked "well whats this then" he said looking at the wall and scoffing "don't tell me this is a message for the black hood can you believe this guy? and  they say we're the trouble" the red haired boy looked around the group only to notice a familiar northsider "Celestia? what are you doing with these thugs are they hurting you ?" before she could reply sweet peas arm was already around her shoulder again and she was pulled into him sweet pea then replied "yeh she's with us you got a problem with that anyway you just made a mistake coming here thinking you can vandalise this is serpent country" he was smirking as he reached into his pocket and flicked open his pocketknife Celestias eyes filled with alarm "sweet cm'on he's not worth it come spend time with me go home archie" she said trying to calm him down and avert the problem but before anything else could happen 

the boy now known as a Archie pulled out a gun from his bag and pointed it in sweet peas face shouting "who made the mistake who WHO" "Archie WHAT THE FUCK where did you get a gun from put it away someone could get hurt" shoving him with all her power sweet pea said "woah what the hell man come on tia lets go " "hold up a minute you go and i'll catch up " he jogged away trying not to seem scared "Celestia why are you with those people they could really hurt you" "yeh well archie you could really hurt someone with that gun and anyway my mom and i had a fight and i wanted to let off some steam and come to the south-side where i met those guys i was with " she lied knowing she couldn't let out her secret of dating a south-sider it would ruin her reputation it wasn't like she was ashamed of him she just had to play along with the northsiders "come on then go home C because its dangerous " "Archie you don't control me its not like we're dating your with veronica" he looked down at the floor to her surprise she sighed "oh my god you like me well im sorry to burst your bubble but your my blood brother nothing else any way im going i'll see you at school tomorrow thats if i survive" she said sauntering off with a smirk on her face 

she soon caught up to sweet pea and fangs where she ran into her love and just hugged him for as long as she could before they pulled away and he looked down at her and questioned "are you alright you look a little shaken up and so you know that northsider ?" "duhh i just had a gun waved in front of me " she said laughing "and yeh i go to school with the carrot head" earning another laugh out of the group they continued to walk but sweet pea now had his hand resting on his girlfriends waist "hey baby can i stay at yours please i don't wanna go home" she gave her famous puppy dogs "yeh sure at least i know your safe in my arms" sweet pea said kissing the top of her head "thank youuu we can head to yours whenever you want " fangs looked at the two and said "eww stop going soft sweet pea" sweet pea glared at him and slapped him arm playfully as they continued to walk down the street all conversing and laughing 

it had been a little later and they decided to all go back to sweet peas trailer where they all chilled and drank a little but by the end of the night they were all a bit tipsy from sharing a few bottles of vodka so eventually fangs stumbled out and back to his trailer leaving the couple on their own. the boy  hiccuped "hey d-d-did i ever tell you how hot you look" "yah sweet pea for the hundreth time " she giggled "and did i ever tell you how cute you are drunk" she moved over to him but she had drank less than him and wasn't a lightweight when it came to drinking 

"yano t-t-t-tia i love you and i can't imagine my life without you" this was normal for drunk sweet pea he'd go all cute and mushy"yep sweet i think you've had enough lets get you to bed hey" as she lifted his weight on to her shoulder and dragged him to his bed and pushed him on to it taking off his shoes and jacket off before he pulled her down and roughly kissing her making her fall on top of him making her laugh then turned stern "sweet pea no not tonight maybe when your sober enough to remember i'll stay in here with you but only if we can cuddle got it?" he slurred "ya ya i get it" "good now im gonna steal your hoodie because i need something to sleep in " laughing as she slipped the hoodie over her head and layed down in front of the now passed out sweet pea who had his arm lazily over his face gently snoring before Celestia could sleep she dropped her mom a text explaining she was staying at a friends house and her mom seemed to believe it she then fell into a deep sleep dreaming of what was to become of the future she was then startled by arms wrapping around her waist and pulled closer to a warm body where she then relaxed into a heavenly sleep knowing she was safe in the arms of the ones she loved 


she was woken up by the light hitting her eyes from the blind forgotten to be shut she still felt the warm arms she had fell asleep in around her. she carefully tried to wriggle out of his grasp but he just tightened his grip and said sleepily "you think you can escape my grip think again " they giggled and she replied "well i was going to get you some advil for that headache your sure to have the amount you drank last night" he groaned at the realisation of the pain he was in she took this as an opportunity to escape and jumped out of his grip and ran to the kitchen and retrieved what she was looking for and grabbed a glass of water on her way back before handing it to a very hungover boy who thanked her when taking it "i should get going i'm gunna be late to school and i've gotta explain to everyone why i was on the south-side because no doubt archie told the whole school wow that kid has a mouth" they shared a look and burst out in laughter "i've gotta shower any way so i guess i'll see you soon and next time i might even tak you to the wyrm" he winked before walking into the bathroom "no wait sweet can i borrow a shirt and i'll wear my jeans from last night " he stopped dead in his tracks and said "yeh i mean when have you ever asked but go ahead" she smiled at him as she buttoned up one of her boyfriends shirts and tucked it into her jeans he walked closer to her and didnt agree with how low the shirt was buttoned to so he did up a few more buttons and kissed her lips passionately before pulling back "i love you" and walked back into the bathroom and began showering 

she hummed a small laugh before grabbing her bag and pushing her earphones into her ears as she began her long walk to her school for a potential day of hell of questioning as soon as she walked through the doors she was hit with questions from archie chasing after her making sure to keep his voice low       

until she stopped and shoved him into a locker and said "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM ANDREWS"he readjusted himself and pushed her into an empty classroom "andrews lay your hand me one more time and i swear you won't live til your next birthday" to which he replied "i wanna know why you were with those serpents""i already told you my mom and i had an disagreement and i went to let off some steam now let me get to my class and i swear archie you tell anyone i was on the southside so help me" and with that she barged past him and exited to her english class  Celestia kept her head down almost running to next classes to avoid her friends 

then it came to lunch time where she sat at her normal table with all her friends as soon as she sat down veronica was the first to speak up "so archie told us about what happened last night" the girl blew air from between her lips in annoyance "yeh i'll tell you what i told him i had a disagreement with my mom and went on a rebellious streak but can we move onto the fact archie held a gun to someones face im tired of this conversation bye" and she got up and walked to the front of the school and sat on the steps and reached into her back pocket to get her phone to text sweet pea 

CP: sweet yano how much you love me can you come and get me please and bring your bike xx

SP:gimme 10 minutes i'll be there xx

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