Chapter 3

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During work I try and dig up anything I can about Pistol Pete. While the chief is out to lunch I sneak into his office to look at his files. I log onto his computer, luckily his password was only Password and not something difficult. I quickly got access and looked up Pistol Pete. After a little bit of digging I found an email from the British Prime Minister talking about how Pistol Pete has many operatives in the U.S. and that he should be wary. I printed out this document and put it in my manilla folder. After some more digging I also found his file on The Black Dragon. It was all just shots in the dark, no concrete evidence about who it is. As I was reading his file I heard the chief's laughter coming closer to his office. I quickly printed out the file and logged out of his computer. I grabbed my paper and stood in front of his desk as he opened the door. His smile faded as he saw me and turned into confusion. "Sanchez? What're you doing in my office?" He asked closing the door and walking to his desk.

I quickly thought up an excuse, "I just wanted to ask your thoughts on The Black Dragon, sir?" My boss straightened his back and scowled at his papers he was straightening.

"We have no solid evidence. Whoever they are, they're smart. We have footage of them in the act but we can't see their face. That's all I can tell you. Now, get out of my office," he says and I whisper a 'yes sir' and rush out of his office. I quickly call Noah as I rush out of the station. I'm outside and in the alleyway when Noah finally picks up.

"Hello?" Noah says groggily as he picks up the phone.

"Noah? Why do you sound so groggy?" I ask furrowing my brows.

He chuckles and says, "Oh, I was just napping. Your couch is super comfortable."

I nod and continue,"Well I got more info on Pistol Pete. I didn't read a lot of it but it sounds interesting. We can go through it together if you want. I also found the file on The Black Dragon. I figured you'd wanna read it."

He's silent for a while and then I hear some shuffling on the other end, "Y'know, it's kinda funny that you, a cop, are helping me. I appreciate it a lot and I don't deserve you," Noah says and he's quiet for a bit.

I smile a little bit, "I want to help you. You're a good person and I believe you can do great things when you're not held back by possible death." Noah chuckles on the other end of the line. I smile brightly, "Look, I gotta go. I'll see you in a bit, bye." Noah mumbles a 'bye' and hangs up.

After a few hours of working and being slightly anxious I'll be discovered, my shift ends.  I hurry home but pick up a pizza on the way. I open my apartment door and see my place cleaner than when I left. I look around puzzled and Noah comes into my view and smiles brightly. "Do you like it? I figured I'd clean a little bit while you were gone. I needed something besides Netflix to keep me busy," Noah finishes sheepishly. I beam at him and set the pizza box down in the kitchen and Noah follows me.

"Thank you so much, it looks amazing. I don't think it's ever been this clean... I brought home pizza because I don't know what you like and don't like," Noah smiles at this and opens the pizza box.

"Who doesn't love pizza? Also, do you have those files? We could go over them over dinner?" Noah says grabbing a plate and putting his pizza on it.

"Yeah, let me get into more comfortable clothes," I say and quickly get dressed and come back. I get my pizza and go get my messenger bag with my work stuff in it. We go out into the living room and I turn on the news. I get the files out and hand them to Noah. He grabs them and quickly scans over them. I munch on my pizza and glance at him.

He looks up at me his eyes wide. "This file on Pete has possible hideouts and a list of henchmen. It looks like he reached out to the chief and threatened him to keep quiet. And based off of my file they don't have a lot, not even fingerprints or a picture of my face, which is great," Noah says beaming. "Pete also requested some police officers to guard this penthouse he's going to be at next week... Jack, do you know what this means? If we get rid of Pete we can get rid of this noose around my neck." I processed this for a little bit. Does Noah really want to kill him?

"Look, Noah, I know you have to get out of the game but is killing him really the answer? I mean why can't we just talk to him?" I question looking at him seriously.

Noah scowls and stands up. "Talking doesn't get you anywhere with him. We have to use force."

I ponder this for a while, "We have enough evidence to put him and the chief behind bars.  We could put an end to this once and for all," I say standing up and staring at Noah. "We can go to the presses and put all of this out there and if that doesn't work we'll go with your idea," I say frowning slightly. Noah smiles at me and hugs me tightly.

"I know a girl that can slip this to New York Times and get this out there. They'll have to do something about it then," he says smiling into my chest. I hold him tightly and draw patterns on his back. Noah steps away from me and stares at me, "I'll call her tomorrow, but for now we should chill." After he says this he pushes me on the couch and lays on top of me. I groan slightly at the sudden weight on me but quickly get used to it. We turn on a movie and lay on the couch for the rest of the night, almost like a real couple.

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