Rise my brothers

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Rise my brothers,open thine eyes,
See thy surrounding and stop acting blind.

What reason thou give?
What reason shall it be?
Why had thou fallen in slumbers?
Why had thou caused the first rumble?

Tell me oh my great nation,
Tell me oh my great leader,
Why are ye all staying behind like rulers?

Why had thee rested?
Did thy goal be filled?
Or did thy gold be filled?

Why has thou forsaken,
Thine own kin?

Answer me,answer me truly.
Let not a drop of lie,
Fall in thine answer.

Tell me where we missed,
Oh my brother?
Did thou let a traitor in?
Didn't thou not see the knife
That fool was carrying?

Here me my brothers,for thy time has come,
For the voice is dead,that slumbers
Into that great abyss of lie.
Thine own eyes seem so true,
And yet thy deeds have been lost.
Lost among this selfish beasts,
Lost among this trampling masses.
All thy honours, have been put to shame,
Even thy mother has been made a game.

Rise my brothers,
Let not the clutches of idleness grasp thee.
Rise my brothers,
For we shall no longer accept,
With gracious arms,
The lie and humiliation they serve us.

The Dead Revolutionary

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