My only family pillar

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Catch me my sister,
For thy brothern is falling.
Help me,oh my sister,
For this once proud man is crumbling,
He has seen too much of the world,
He has understood it thoroughly.
He has realized the truth,
And is now falling slowly.

Don't let me go ,oh my sister,
Thou knows't I trust thy more
More than those bagpipers,
More than my own lovers.

Help thy brothern and don't let him go,
Don't let his head kiss that dry sand of dread.

All I ask is a pillar of trust,
My sister thee is enough.
All I ask is a pillar,
With which I may stand erect.
All I ask is to protect thine brother,
Until he learns to laugh.

My eyes are shut,oh my sister,
My feet are lost,
My honour has been taken in shackles
But this feeble heart of mine knows't,
That thou love shall never be cast.

The Dead Revolutionary

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