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Y/n's POV :
Your head was throbbing in pain after what Jihoon asked you, "Y-Y/n, are you okay?" Jihoon asked, completely concerned. "Should I call Kihyun?"

You just nodded and cradled your head in your hands, easing the pain.

Suddenly, a short scene flashed into your mind. You were with a boy, playing with him. You blinked your eyes, what was that?

"Kihyun and the others are on their way." Jihoon said, softly caressing my head.

"Y/n!" Kihyun called, worry laced in his voice.

"My head hurts, so much." You mumbled in pain, "We should get you home." Kihyun said, helping you stand up.


Kihyun and you were sitting on the couch in silence, "Did you remember something?"

"There was a sudden scene that flashed in my mind."

"What was it?"

"I was with a boy, when I was a kid."

Kihyun hummed in reponse, "Say, what were the only memories that you remembered?"

"Sejeong is my sister, and she killed mom and dad. She was also the cause of my amnesia. That's it."

"It's all connected to Sejeong." Kihyun mumbled, "What was that?" You asked him, "No, It's nothing. You should go to sleep, It's getting late." He said and went to his room.

As you laid down on your bed, your phone rung, looking at the name who was calling, it was Jihoon.

You quickly answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Hey, Y/n."

"Hi Jihoon."

"Did I wake you up?" He asked, "No, no. It's fine. What is it?" You said, a small yawn escaping your lips. "Were you about to sleep? I'm so sorry—"

"Jihoon, it's okay. I also, wanted to talk to you for a bit."

"O-Oh, okay. I just wanted to check up on you, if you were fine."

"I'm fine Jihoon, thanks for worrying."

"It's not a big deal though."

"Uh Jihoon?"

"Yes, Y/n?"

"No, it's nothing. I'll tell you tomorrow at school."

"Okay, are you going to sleep?" He asked you, "Yeah, I'm actually tired." You said, "Good night, y/n."

"Good night Jihoon."

The phone call ended, but you received a new message from Guanlin,

Guanlin :
Hey, are you free tomorrow? After school?

You :
I'm sorry, but I'm going out with Jihoon, maybe next time?

Guanlin :


Guanlin's POV :
My heart ached at her text, Jihoon. Again. "Why can't it be me."

I looked up at the ceiling, "Maybe it's time to forget Y/n, and give Sejeong a chance." I sighed and closed my eyes.


I was in a small and dark room, a single lightbulb illuminating the room.

"Guanlin!" A voice called, it was familiar, it was from a girl.

I turned around and saw two children running around in circles. I looked at the boy, "It's me." I mumbled to myself, but who was the girl?

"Catch me if you can!"

"No fair, Guanlin you have long legs!"

"It's not my fault you're that short." My little self and I laughed.

Suddenly, the place changed. It was on an airport, it was still about the girl and myself. The next thing that my past self said shocked me the most.

"Are you sure you're okay, Y/n?"

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