Chapter 7

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"So, you want in my club tonight?" Yuri tried not to think of how much bigger that him the man was as the man spoke.

"Yes, I was hoping you'd tell the bouncers to let me in considering you know my parents."

The man's lustful gaze raked up his body and yuri barely contained a shudder, "You cut your hair, and the piercings, I like it. It suits you."

"So is that a yes?"

"How about an exchange? You know I want your body and you want in my club. Every time I get you, you get a day in my club with all the alcohol you want."

"My parents might not be happy about that," they both knew he wasn't referring to them sleeping together.

"I'm their boss, I don't care, besides, does it really matter? I want your answer now."

Yuri steeled himself for what he was about to do. Hr was no different then the hundred of other people. Yuri got up from his chair and kissed him.


Yuri was back home and swearing to himself that even if his parents beat him for it he would never go that again. He had said to stop and was ignored. He didn't leave bruises, but yuri wasn't sure how as painful as it was. He looked at the clock realizing that it was almost time to be picked up. He skewered taking his time then quickly dressed in loose jeans and a long sleeve shirt, then realizing it was the club and he'd look weird changed into black skinny jeans and a long sleeve white crop top that d revealed even more skin in a circle where fabric had been cut out. He put the last piercing in his stomach and smiled. He was going to leave this house at night for the first time in weeks. He looked at the clock, 8:30 and wondered where otabek was. Maybe he didn't hear him come in. Yuri walked into the kitchen to see his mother talking to otabek.

She frowned at the piercing and he stuck his tongue out showing the relatively new one and surprisingly she looked amused.

"In your stomach? I never would have guessed. And hey, I didn't know after highschool you wanted to be a cook! I've only seen you cook one and that's when you got mad at me for burning the pancakes."

"Um, yeah," so his mother decided he'd be a cook, not bad. He actually loved cooking when his parents weren't going to eat it.

"Have Fun, Yura, darling. Curfew is 11," she said.

"What curfew? You've never inforced it before."

"I just don't want to worry about you."


They left and event to the club gaining easy access and Yuri went straight to the bar ordering the strongest drink and downing it quickly before ordering another one.

He was halfway through his third before Otabek grabbed it out his hand, "I think that's enough for now. You don't want to be drunk before the night's over."

Yuri knew he just didn't want him drunk at all but he disagreed, "I've been drinking since I was ten. I have an unusually high tolerance so it's going to be a challenge to get drunk at all.

Otabek sighed,"Your mother is really nice. We talked while I waited on you."

Yuri schooled his features into a small smile, "Yeah she's great." he grabbed the glass from otabek and finished it ordering five more.

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