Never Lower Your Head

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Of course, Lionel was going to accept the octuple offer. He didn't even need to think before saying yes. Tossing Jake's money back to him, and immediately sign whatever document the rich servant bought with him.

Lionel is a very low man who sold his adopted daughter without even reading the contract, not caring whatever happen to the brunette after this.

The man throw a great amount of money to Lionel. A neatly folded contract safely secure in his hand.

Lena bow her head with respect when the beared man stand in front of her. Rather than hunger like the way Sir Jake Sphere look at her, the gentleman look at her in awe.

"Miss Luthor, you don't need to bow to me or anyone for now on. Well, beside the king and queen, of course."

The gentleman cracked a joke. The corner of Lena's lips curl up slightly but she immediately cover it up with a solid emotionless face. Perk of used to be a high class lady.

"Thank you for the offer, sir... But you've saved me from the abusive Sir Jack Sphree, at least, let me show you my gratitude."

Lena bow even deeper.

Almost immediately the bearded man put both of his hands on her arms. He shake his head slowly, silently begging the young lady not to do it, yet a warm smile still craved on his lips.

"Please, Miss Luthor... My master had personally asked me never to let you lower your head ever again."

A pair of brows crocked in confusion. It was a weird request...

Lena don't know whether it was the fact his master 'asked' him instead of 'ordered' him that has surprised her or the fact his master don't want her to lower her head ever again.

"Very well, Sir... "

"Winn, my name is Winn Scott, Miss Luthor. Please dropped all the formality. Just between you and me, I dislike it when people call me Sir."

The gentleman playfully wink at the end of his words.

It was the first time in her life that a man has asked her not to call them by any tittle. Almost as if she and this Winn Scott is an equal...

Lena immediately snap out of her train of thought.

"Very well, then... "

She pause and look straight into the gentleman's brown eyes.


The young lady persuade, cracking a smile on Winn's face.

"If those are your command, I will do as follow as I'm only worthy as your servant."

Lena almost bow her head at the moment but decided to stop at the last minute. Winn flick his tongue a few times. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her shoulders.

Not in any romantic or possessive way... It was more like a friendly touch.

He closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. Then, his attention turn to the young lady beside him.

"You see..."

Winn start leading Lena toward the fancy carriage awaiting them outside the Luthor's resident. The young lady was all ear as they walk toward the carriage.

"Besides personally asking me to never let you lower your head ever again, my master also asked me to make sure that you understand the fact that no one own you, Miss Luthor."

Sensing that Winn have more to say, Lena remind silent as he open the carriage door and gesture her to come in first.

Once he seen that Lena are comfortable on her seat, Winn finally step into the carriage.

Carefully closing the door, Winn make sure the door is tight enough before knocking lightly on the glass in front of them as a sign to the coachman that they are ready to go.

The carriage shake a little as they start moving.

Lena's attention are still glued on the gentleman beside her who is now impatiently looking at his pocket watch.

" We shall arrived at the mansion in an hour and a half."

He said with a smile. Lena nod in understanding. The gentleman had travel an hour and a half to the Luthor's resident. Who ever his master is, Lena knew he had his eyes on her for awhile. It is making her slightly nervous about what his intention on her.

Winn Scott take a long look at the young lady beside him. It was no wonder why his master was so set on getting this girl. She is gorgeous! An absolute beauty!

"It is important for you to know that you can walk away from this, Miss Luthor. My master has a clear intention on you, Miss Luthor."

Lena's brows perk in interest. She is eager to know why someone is willing to spent so much money on her.

"And what might his intention be?"

The gentleman gulp his own saliva before looking seriously at Lena.

"He want you to be his wife."

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