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Flashback :
(y/m/n - mother's name // y/f/n - father's name)
"Y/n!" Her mother called for her attention, "Yes, mom?" The little girl asked her mother, a bright smile on her face.

"We have new neighbors, go and greet them with your sister." Her mother told her, giving her a pack of cookies. "I heard that they have a child who's the same age as you, go play with him, okay?"

"Okay, mom!" She said and went upstairs and went to her sister's room.

"Sejeong! Let's go play with the new kid in our neighborhood!" Little Y/n said, gaining her sister's attention.

"New kid?" Sejeong asked, a bored look on her face. "I don't want to."

Y/n pouted, "Fine then."

The little girl walked down the stairs and went straight to the new neighbor's house. There she saw her mother befriending a woman. Her mother noticed her and called for her, "Y/n!"

Quickly, Y/n ran towards her mother, a genuine smile on her face. "This is my daughter, Y/n."

"She's so cute!" The woman cooed at Y/n, gently caressing her cheeks, "Thank you!"

"Y/n, where's your sister?"

"She doesn't want to play."

Her mother sighed, "Typical Sejeong."

"Mom, you said that they have a kid the same age as me!"

"Ah, yes. Wait, let me call for my son." The woman said and left with a smile.

After a few seconds, she arrived again this time, a small boy following behind her.

"Y/n, meet my son. Guanlin."

"H-Hi." Guanlin shyly said, "Hi, Guanlin! I'm Y/n!"


Since then, the two of them became best friends. "Y/n!" Sejeong called her, "What? I'm playing with Guanlin!"

Sejeong approached the two, "Just, come on—" Sejeong stopped on her tracks as she saw Guanlin, "Y/n, can I talk to you?"


"Who is he?"

"He's Guanlin."

"Can you introduce me to him?"

"Why? You told me that you didn't want to meet him."

"I was just joking!"

Y/n looked at her sister inquisitively, "I don't want to." The twelve-year old Y/n walked away and returned to Guanlin.

Since then, Sejeong envied Y/n. The way she was so close with Guanlin, the way she talked with Guanlin. She hated it.

One day, Y/n was informed that Guanlin will return to Taiwan, due to family problems.

The girl understood their side and accepted the fact that Guanlin will leave her.

"Are you sure you're okay, Y/n?"

"Of course I am! You promise to return, right?"

"Of course, I promise."

The two gave each other a hug before Guanlin left.


After the day Guanlin left, Y/n became more quiet and less active, Sejeong would usually scold her for this, saying that she wasn't being a good daughter for their parents.

Their parents would get mad at Sejeong, and blame her for everything. Sejeong disliked the feeling of their parents having Y/n as their favorite.


"Y/n, your neighbor called! Saying your house was caught on fire!" Poor Y/n's heart stopped for a moment, "W-What?"

She quickly ran from her school to their home, once she arrived, she was already too late. It was burned into ashes. Policemen and firemen were there, investigating.

A man noticed her and went towards her, "Are you the daughter of Y/M/N and Y/F/N?" You could only nod, tears escaped your eyes.

"I'm sorry."

As those words escaped the man's lips, she cried harder. Falling onto her knees, staring at the horrible image in front of her.


Since then, her life became horrible. Sejeong, her sister, bullying her. Saying that it was her fault, her fault because their parents died.

She was walking along the hallway as she heard someone talk near the bathroom.

"I heard that Sejeong was the one who put their house on fire."

"I heard it too."

Y/n's eyes widened in shock, "It was her?" She mumbled to herself.

Time quickly flew by, as she walked outside the school, there she saw Sejeong along the sidewalk.

"Sejeong!" She called, "Well if it isn't the murderer." Sejeong bitterly laughed, "Shouldn't I be the one calling you by that name?"


"You were the one!"

"T-The one? W-What are you talking about?"

"You were the one who burned the house down! You were the one who killed mom and dad!—"

She was cut off as Sejeong pushed her, "Y/n!" Her friend called for her, but it was too late. A car suddenly collided with her petite body.


After two and a half years, Y/n finally woke up from her coma. "W-Where am I?"


A boy called her, "W-Who are you?" She asked, "Don't you remember me? I'm your favorite cousin! Kihyun! Remember?"

She shook her head, a doctor suddenly came in, "Oh! You're awake!"

"Why am I here?"

"I see."

"What happened to her, doctor?" Kihyun asked the doctor.

"She has amnesia."

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