Before you begin reading...

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Dearest, dearest reader...

Well, it finally happened. A certain retailer has caught on to the fact that I was posting my published stories for free on Wattpad, and they've threatened to pull all my books if I don't take them down from here.

I am so, SO sorry.

I'm leaving excerpts up here so that you know the books exist if you want to purchase them, and rest assured that I will continue to draft my stories here so that you'll still have a chance to read them in their beta state (unedited).

Please don't hate me, and please know that I am as sad about this as you are. I know that many of you can't access or afford my ebooks, and I loved sharing them with you for those reasons. As this is my own livelihood at stake, however, I can't afford not to be able to sell my books...especially on this particular retailer (hint: it's the world's biggest one...*sigh*).

With gratitude, sorrow, and much love,


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