Wet and Wild

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"Michelle is not my wife anymore. Not in any way that matters at least. She is the mother of my child and an old friend who just happens to be my ex-wife," Brian ground out as we walked down the garden past the pool.

"For fucks sake Brian, I'm not giving you shit about Michelle. I may be a little jealous of the fact that you guys are being terrifyingly civil through all the stuff you've got going down but if I want to get my knickers in a twist about an ex or almost ex-spouse I have my own ex-husband. Who, for the record, has wound me up more than enough in the last twenty-four hours, I sure as hell don't need any more aggravation," I spun to face him planting my hands on my hips.

"You really don't care?" Brian's eyebrows drew together.

"Not enough to get worked up about it. Some of your fans however do seem to care...a lot." I let him draw me by my elbow down to the pool cabana.

"Yeah, so I've heard. Michelle tried to talk to me about it but I wasn't interested. She shouted at me," he rubbed two fingers across his eyebrow and looked shamefaced.

"She did?" Way to go Michelle. Make me feel even more heinous for my momentary spurt of jealousy earlier, "Well I wanted to shout at you too."

"But you didn't."


"You brought me hangover food instead."

"I did."

"So..." he pressed his lips together firmly with a weird little grimace and looked at his feet.

"So..." I perched on the edge of the day bed that Brian and I had once slept on.

"So..." Brian jammed his hands in his pockets.

This conversation was just barrelling along at a cracking pace wasn't it?

"Just so I can be clear, are we arguing? Because I'd really like it noted that today is not a good day for me to be arguing." I crossed my legs and began picking at my shoelace.

"No, we're not arguing. Just so you know..." Brian gave me a determined nod.

"Okay then. Just so I know. No arguing...that's good. What are we doing?" I could have meant that question in so many ways and Brian's shrug and sigh in response showed he understood all the possible meanings.

"Fucked if I know," he sat down heavily next to me.

I flopped onto my back and pressed the palms of my hands to my eyes. "I really like you Guitar Boy." Actually I was pretty sure I was in love with him but I wasn't going to mention that unless I wanted to fast track my encounter with a cask of Fruity Lexia.

I felt him lay down at my side, "I really like you too Ace." He grabbed one of my hands and dragged it to his chest where he simply held it there. Dropping my free hand to my side I turned my head to find him smiling at me, "I would however like to point out that I'm all man baby, no boys here." His intimate smile set my heart thudding and I knew that if, when, whatever it was we had going on ended it was going to wreck me.

"Baby," I grinned at him, "you've more than sufficiently proved your manliness."

He tugged my hand and pulled me into a hug, my hair flopped across my face and based on the blowing sounds he made it flopped across his too. We lay in silence for a while as I just soaked up his warmth. He rubbed a hand up and down my back and the soothing rhythm had me melting into his side. I could have stayed where I was forever so it was a jolt when he spoke again.

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