Camelot Prep

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A/N: First off, I'm angry that Polyvore gone and replaced by SSense. I hate that I had to find somewhere else to make outfits, but now I use Finery. The set on top is from Polyvore and I have others that I've saved before. Now some if my sets with be from Finery.


In Camelot...

The daughter of Ursula and son of Gaston were allowed to stay in Camelot, but had to attend school with other kids of Camelot. Instead of staying in Camelot Castle where the king is resident in, Gil and Uma are now guests in Willow's house that was given to her. Pendragon Castle.

Today Gil had decided to dress in a professional way, he even wore a tie. Uma, however, dressed the way she would any other day, leather and all.

Uma and Gil walked around the campus of their new school. The headmaster of Camelot Prep, Merlin had assigned someone to show them around.

Were Gil and Uma going to follow the rules and stay put while they waited for their tour guide?

HELL TO THE NO!!! Exploring just seemed way more mischievous. The colors of the school was red and gold, banners hung up have a picture of a golden dragon. The code of arms of the Pendragon line. Pendragon, not only was Willow a Sanderson, but also a Pendragon. She is a princess by blood after all.

Willow Sanderson.

Willow Pendragon.

Willow Hook (if it were ever to happen).

"Hey, do you think Willow will be queen of this place one day?" Gil asked, looking at the banner too.

"I don't know. She said she had a brother, he might inherit the throne."

"Well if Willow does become queen, maybe she'll make me a knight. Like in the book my mom use to read me." Gil muttered. Uma gave a frown and asked,

"Whatever happened to your mom?"

"She died in the plague after being sent to the Isle." Gil said. Uma rubbed his back to soothe him. They looked into each others eyes for a brief moment before they were interrupted. The one who interrupted was known other then Laura.

"I'm Laura, headmaster Merlin's daughter. Willow told me about you both so I pulled some strings to get you in some classes together."

"Great.." Uma muttered. She backed a bit away from Gil.

"How about a tour?" Laura waved for them to walk with her. They followed behind her as she started to speak.

"I was told you were supposed to wait for me by the entrance,but I guess that's not the villain way." Laura joked, though no one laughed. Laura smiled and went on with history.

"History of Camelot! Before King Arthur there was his father King Uther Pendragon. In his reign he, Uther was seen as the greatest and most respected King of Britain, yet many also saw him as a tyrant for the many cruel acts he's committed." They made their way outside of the front of the school to the golden statue of Arthur Pendragon next to a sword that stuck inside a stone.

"Sounds like my kind of king." Uma joked.

"This statue is King Arthur and the sword Excalibur in the stone."

"What's so great about this sword?" Gil asked in curiosity.

"Excalibur is the most powerful and magical Sword pulled by King Arthur from the magic stone because he is the rightful king,  but it has been lost for many years."

"So who ever pulls the sword out is the rightful queen or king?" Uma asked.


"Maybe I should go looking for it."

"But like I said, the sword has been lost for years. No one knows where it is." They moved away from the statue, going back into the school. Laura showed them to a hall filled with portraits. Old portraits and new of men and women.

"King Arthur wasn't raised as a prince but as a sheep farmer. My father, Merlin brought Arthur to Sir Ector and his wife when he was about a week old. Ector took care of Arthur and raised him with his own son, Kay. Years later, my father showed up after King Uther's death and took Arthur and Kay with him, so that Arthur could become king."

They passed many pictures of people, making their way to the end of the hall where you portrait was big then the rest. It was of a man.

"After Arthur's adopted mother was killed by the brute King Lot, Ector escaped captivity and reunites with his sons at Camelot Castle, where he took care of his sons once more. When King Lot and his men attacked Camelot, Ector avenged his wife by killing Lot, but in doing so, he was also killed by Lot himself." Laura ended the story. They stopped at a portrait of a man, in the bottom the name was written a name.

Sir Ector, adopted father of King Arthur. Hero of Camelot.


The sequel to Truly Enchanted will be published on my last day of school before I start my summer. The sequel is called Home Sweet Home.

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