Ok I'm back now

9 5 11

Wattpad was glitching yesterday

(I'm writing this with A Love Like War blasting in my years (too loud but eh))

I promise I'll check everything soon

I'm at school

Yesterday I broke down

I cried and I guess I fell asleep crying but my parents weren't home then and came back after I fell asleep

This morning I was fine

I wanted to cry in maths idk why but I feel really shitty

I still do but ATL makes everything better

Everyone (in my class) literally gasped when they saw my hair at school

If there's anything important tell me again because I'll check everything at home

She/Her was updated and I didn't see it

Seriously go read that book

Watch this video it's short and funny

I want to go home

Mum breaks are 10 minuets long

Too short

I'll post another chapter here next break

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