Love In a Bag (Loke x Lucy)

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Loke: *picks Up The Bag and Wonders

Lucy:*sees Loke Pick the bag up

Lucy:NOOOO!!!!!!!! 0 Δ 0

Loke:*heards Lucy Screaming O_O

Lucy:*Pushes The Bag On Loke's Hand

Loke: What The????

Lucy: *Glares Loke on The Face With an Angry Face Don't You Ever Touch this Bag Again!!!!!

Loke: *Looks at Lucy With an Shocked Face O-O

Loke:OK OK Gees  '-_-'

Lucy:Hmmpft *Goes Out To Her Room With a Pout :<

Loke:Whats With Her So Lately?? 0 - Õ???

Lucy:*Goes To Her Room and Hide the Bag

Loke:*eavesdropping 0_0

Lucy:*Turns Around

Loke:*Quickly Dissappears

Lucy:Huh??? O_Õ???

Lucy:*Leaves the Room

Loke:*appears Again

Loke:*Finds the Bag

Loke:Found It!!*whispers

Loke:*Quickly Opens Then He  Saw........

Loke:What??? *Sees 3 Pieces of Papers

Loke:*Quickly Opens The piece of Paper

Loke:O//O Uhh..This Is A drawing of Me And Lucy

Loke:*opens again the 2nd piece of paper

Loke :0///0 Did Lucy Drawn This??

Loke :*Opens again the 3rd piece of Paper

Loke :Dear Paper I Like Loke a lot but Like I'll tell him that he saved me from any kind of danger but I Mean He's a playboy a teaser and a Celestial Spirit I Can't Love A Spirit and when I call him on Edolas Instead Of Him came out Virgo ,Virgo Told Me That He was On a date and with Aries Really??!! Aries :< *Sigh I Wish Loke could understand that I couldn't Love Well that's all Paper ):)


Loke:Lucy ):(

Lucy: Huh??!!! Loke!!!!

Loke:Oh Hi Lucy ):)

Lucy:Loke WtH Are You doing in my Room??!!! And What's That Your Holding???

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