{The Disguise}

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Charlie's POVI woke up that morning, feeling excited

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Charlie's POV
I woke up that morning, feeling excited. It was time to show my friends I could tackle even the weirdest dares for a boy to do: become a girl.

I checked my phone, seeing it was 9:00. I opened up the group chat, and texted Lily, Taylor, and Jonathan.

Hey, when do you want us all to come over Lily?
9:03 AM

9:04 AM

I'm up, so now probably. Whenever you guys want, but we won't start until Taylor gets there.
9:06 AM

I smiled to myself, thinking it's funny how I got a response almost immediately. I turned off my phone, and decided to start driving to Lily's house. I told my mom I was going to be out with my friends all day—but definitely didn't tell her about the whole cross-dressing dare thing—and left. I arrived at Lily's shortly, and knocked on the door, hoping I wouldn't wake anyone.

Thankfully, it was an overly-excited Lily and not a tired family member that opened the door. Lily was still in her pajamas—as was I, just wearing soft sweatpants and a thin t-shirt—and her thick, long, medium brown hair was up in a loose bun. Her blue-gray eyes sparkled with eagerness to begin my dress-up session. I rolled my eyes and chuckled softly at that.

She practically dragged me up the stairs to her room, and we fell on the bed laughing. I sat up, glancing at her open closet and bit my lip momentarily, knowing that very soon I'd be trying out one, or maybe more, of her outfits. A feeling was sent through my body I couldn't describe. Soon, I heard a bell coming from downstairs.

"Oh! That's Taylor and Jonathan! Taylor told me his mom was giving them a ride." She said, and ran downstairs. I stayed in her room. I ran my fingers through my messy, semi-wavy, deep brown hair. I tried to imagine how my friends would turn me into a girl. Well, I guess I was pretty thin.

Taylor and Jonathan raced upstairs after Lily, and Taylor made a beeline straight for me. Her shoulder-blade length platinum blonde, wavy hair bounced behind her. Taylor's light brown eyes shown through her glasses, and she currently was still in her pajamas, too: black leggings and a gray tank-top. Her fair, light skin was dotted with freckles on her nose and cheeks, and a few on her elbows.

Jonathan was the only one dressed, wearing jeans and a deep blue t-shirt. He had short, neatly cut, jet-black hair, olive skin, and deep brown eyes.

"Okay! We can start!" Lily squealed, pulling me off the bed. "Charlie, first thing's first. We need to make your body look feminine."

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