Not As Useless

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I like to do my research to make everything in my stories connect and I have found out that there is a place called Camelot Heights that is mentioned in the book Rise of the Isle of the Lost and that Arthur has a son named Artie.




Back on the Isle... (Same day)

"Hey Uma?" Gil called, he sat on one of the barrels that was on the ship. Uma sharpened her sword and looked up.

"What is it, Gil?" She grunted, things got boring after Harry had left, but it was funny when Gil messed things up.

"I miss Harry and Willow." He muttered in sadness, he looked down.

"Yeah, me too." Uma said back.

"Hey, why don't we just go to Auradon?" Gil asked in excitement, making Uma look at him funny.

"And how would we do that?" She asked rhetorically.

"The same way Harry did. Swimming."

"Gil... you know you can't swim, right?"

"I can't?" Gil asked.

"I had to save you from drowning 2 years ago." Uma reminds, Gil thought back. He had remembered that day, Gil's brother, Gaston the third pushed Gil in the water as a joke, which almost led to Gil almost drowning. Uma had to jump in and save him. Which was to her dismay, she hates having to save people.

"Come on, Shrimpy."

"No, it's out of the question and don't call me that!" Uma said. "I'm not going to risk your life. Do you know what Willow and Harry will do if they found out?"

"What?" Gil asked.

"I don't know, but I don't want to find out." Uma grab her sword and left, making her way back to work. Gil watched as she walked away. He looked back at the water and got an idea. He thought it was a perfect idea.

Gil ran as quickly as he could back to his house and started his search.


An hour later

Uma washed down the tables with an old rag. Pirates in the shop either ate like pigs or threw food. Uma would also through a plate at the next person who threw the food.

It was much simpler in the past. Uma would have Harry kick them out or Willow would pull her rare pranks on people who pissed Uma off. Not anymore. She had lost her two best mates. But not everything was bad... Uma thought to herself. Gil hasn't left.

Uma wasn't ready to face being alone, not again anyways. She likes that Gil gave her attention, of course he would since Harry made him promise.

"Shrimpy!" Uma groaned and turned around to yell at Gil, only to stop and laugh at him. Gil had on a pair of old floaties, (an almost ready to pop) life preserver around his waist, yellow flippers that looked like duck feet, and more.

Uma fell right on the floor, holding her side and laughing. Everyone around looked at her in confusion.

"What, what's wrong? Why are you laughing?" Gil asked, only making her laugh more.

"Gil... you look... ridiculous!" Uma said between breathes. Gil looked at his swimwear and shrugged.

"If I'm gonna learn how to swim, I have to look the part." Gil said with a goofy smile. Uma sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.


"I can learn if you teach me." He tried again.

"That could take weeks." Uma said, Gil walked forward and stood close to Uma that she had to look up at him.

Curse me for being short! Uma mentally yelled.

"I'm willing to wait for it." (A/N: WAIT FOR IT, I AM THE ONE THING IN LIFE I CAN CONTROL!!!)

"Alright then, but the first thing we have to do is lose all this." Uma said gesturing to the outfit fail. Gil immediately ripped off all of the swimming accessories. He was left with old and ripped, yellow short and a dirty white tank top. His hair was out loose. Uma pulling Gil to a chair and started tying his hair up.

Looks like we got some work to do... Uma thought.


Back in Auradon...

"Oh, what do we have here?" The doctor muttered to herself. Immediately it had worried Harry, and Willow more.

"What? What's wrong?" Willow asked in a worry tone. The doctor only smiled and pointed at to small screen.

"Well, if you take a look here you can see a tiny foot. So either your baby has a third leg or your having twins."


The doctor clicked on something.

"I'll let you watch this for a bit." The clip had been playing over and over. With each look, Willow fell more and more entranced.

"They're so beautiful." Harry said. There was a long silence and the both soon to be parents had questions ready.

"Twins?" Willow realized that not only will she be pushing one baby out, but two!?


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