The meeting Pt. 1

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Later that afternoon I stood in front of one of the nicest houses I'd ever seen, it's in the Madison Park neighborhood of Seatle which has some of the most expensive homes in the entire state. These homes put the tiny bungalow my mum and I own to shame, pretty sure our entire house can fit in their garage.

I know, I know... What self-respecting man lives with his mum at almost twenty-eight years old? Well simply put, I'm all she has. My father died right after I was even born, it was completely out of the blue. One minute he's standing and the next he's dead due to a brain aneurysm. I'm an only child and both of my mum's parents are gone so when I got the job here in Seattle I insisted she come with me. She works as a teacher's aide at a school close by since she's so good with children, coming to America was a great step for us.

The large front door looms over me as I walk up the steps, it's beautiful and elegant but somehow feels like a fortress of sorts. I jump not realizing I was pressing the doorbell, the sharp ringing leaves me a bit dazed as one of the large wooden doors open. A woman in her late 40s opens the door, she has kind eyes and golden brown hair.

"Hello, I'm Doctor Styles. Doctor Ames sent me to meet with you about Miss Anderson." I say cheerfully as the woman frowns.

"There must be a mistake." She says shaking her head and begins to shut the door, I put my hand out to stop the door as she narrows her eyes at me.

"I'm one of the best psychologists in the city ma'am, I believe I may be able to help your daughter," I assure her and her face softens.

"You understand that you may not be safe around her right?" She asks and I nod, the woman sighs before opening the door allowing me entry. She leads me to a sitting area and offers me a glass of water which I accept, once she returns with them she sits down across from me and purses her lips. "Why do you think you can help her?"

"I remember seeing your daughter, her story always intrigued me even with what little I kno-"

"But you're a man, they said she cannot be around men." She cuts me off and I pinch my lips pensively as I gather my thoughts.

"I'm not like most men, I have a softer approach if you will." I offer and she rolls her eyes. "Look, just let me talk to her a bit and you can let her decide."

"Fine, I can't see the harm in that. She's still a bit out of it from the massive doses of Zyprexa her doctors were giving her," She says and I nod softly.

"Thank you, Mrs. Anderson."

"Please call me Donna Doctor Styles," She says as she stands up. "I'll lead you down to the therapy room."

I nod and get up to follow her down a flight of stairs, "While I talk to her could you please gather all the medical records you have? We only have what tests have been done while she was with us but I'd like to see how she was before." I ask.

"Of course," Donna says as she leads me into a large, all white room. "There is an emergency button right here just in case," She whispers showing me a button hidden under a table. "Darling, there's someone here to see you," Donna says in a cheerful voice as we walk towards a blonde sitting in a chair with a book, the young woman looks up and I'm left breathless as I gaze into her pale blue eyes after what feels like forever. "Doctor Styles would like to talk to you, is that alright?"

Her daughter nods softly and Donna takes her leave as I sit on the white couch across from the pale-eyed woman. "What are you reading love?" I ask curiously, she shuts her book allowing me to see the cover. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, "Ah! An Anne Rice fan?"

She nods quietly as I lean forward with my elbows on my knees and my fingertips pressed together. "You know, when I was a young lad back in Holmes Chapel I used to steal my mum's Anne Rice books," I confess sheepishly as her eyes light up as if I've made some deep, dark confession.

"I get the appeal, I really do honestly. I must of read dozens of her novels but I don't believe I've read that one." I admit and she smiles softly before sliding the book across the table to me. "You aren't done with it!" I exclaim as she chews her lip timidly. She's just as beautiful as I remembered if not even more so now that I've gotten closer.

"It's fine, I've read it at least fifteen times," She says in the sweetest, softest voice. Her pale blue eyes meet mine momentarily before shifting towards the carpeted floor. But that brief connection was enough to send chills down my spine.

"Well thank you love, that's very kind of you," I chirp as I set my new borrowed book beside me. "How are you feeling?"

"Tired, depressed..... Trapped." She whispers as her eyes fleet around paranoidly.

"So basically all of the above?" I ask and she giggles softly, her eyes go wide and she clenches her jaw as she grips her chair. "You alright love?" I question and she lets out a sigh of relief before glancing at me, her pales blue eyes plead with me to help her.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" She asks in a soft voice taking me completely by surprise.

"You haven't given me any reason to fear you love," I reply. She tilts her head before squeezing her eyes shut and crossing her legs, "What's your first name?"

"What?" She asks as she looks at me blankly.

"Your name love, what is it? I mean unless you prefer me to continue calling you love two hours a day five times a week," I retort with a slight smirk, she looks down and plays with her fingertips.

"I don't mind it." She says under her breath, I chuckle and she looks up at me in embarrassment. "Eden, my name is Eden."

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