Chapter #5: Friends Before Rated-R Makeout Sessions

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"Patience. That's what I, Mr. Jones treasure. Not only in life, but in class. That's the only thing that will get you through this semester. Believe me; I know. Do not doubt me, or those surrounding you. Patience should be held in your palm everyday. This isn't a joke. Attend late, you will not get detained. You will suffer the consequences yourself when you acknowledge that you didn't learn anything because you thought sleeping in would be a better idea."

My fist is the only thing holding my head up. I was listening to Mr. Jones' words as they echoed across the huge room. So many other students were around me, shattered in different seats, different rows and desks. It was so anxious and eerily silent in the room, it made me want to just get up and walk out; but I couldn't-- that's the thing.

Mr. Jones dragged on. "You see, I value many things and since I won't memorize all your names nor the things you like, I will memorize your behaviour. I see every single one of you, every single weekday. Don't think that I'm not watching you. I am. And that's why, like every other first day of classes, we will be doing an assignment. Not mature for your age or college, but something I enjoy, so ya'll can warm up."

Everyone perks up at this point, even myself. I wasn't enjoying the aroma of the room but hearing an assignment on first day of classes will now actually give me something to do. I was wearing leggings, picking at the threads once more. My plaid cardigan hung from my shoulders as I brushed my hair from eyes, listening closely to my new professor.

"Someone define hearken to me," Mr. Jones asks, a girl in the very front immediately perking up and raising her hand.

Embarrassingly enough, Jones lets out a laugh. "We don't raise hands, here, sweetheart. Belt it out. Tell me, I'm listening. Make sure 150 others can hear you as well."

She goes a little pink. "Hearken means to observe. Watch. Anyone, oneself. To pay close attention to."

Jones smiles, his white teeth flashy even from where I was sitting; the very top and back.

"Correct. Hearken, is to observe. Watch. Pay close attention to. And that, my fellow college students is what your assignment is. No, it does not have a due date, nor do you have to submit anything for marking. All you need to do, is by the end of the semester, hand in one page-- only one length of a page; of someone in this room you've observed."

He goes on. "Now to guys, they use this as an excuse to creep girls. Watch 'em. Stalk 'em. No, that is not what this darned assignment is. If I get one girl coming to me about a boy frightening her because of a project, you will be sent to the main hall- a place you don't ever want to be at. The supervisors will not enjoy your company there. Anyways-- It is for you to be patient, and observe someone you really want to get to know this semester. As you go along, by December, you shall have a page of what you've learned about this person. What you see. How they are. How they act from afar. You do not look over their shoulder, or go into their dorm. You're hearkening... observing from afar. Understood?"

I nod my head in interest. This seemed cool. Different.

"This stays anonymous. Who you choose to admire from afar is you're choice. No one else knows, not even me. It's a simple observation. Hearken." Mr. Jones pauses for a moment, his voice going down an octave. The room still quiet, even a pin drop could be heard. "You will learn to love everything about this person you choose to admire. And trust me, you will thank me in the future."

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