Chapter Eleven: Quote

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Chapter Eleven:

   I woke up in the hospital alone. I only knew what a hospital looked like because I routinely had to clean my old packs facilities. My body aches and I struggled to remember how I got here as fear ate away at me. I would be in so much trouble for being here in their hospital beds, so much as attempting to be healed.

     I made an attempt to remove my filthy body from the bed I didn't deserve to lie in, but I couldn't as I found that my wrists were strapped to the sides of the bed. Frantic thoughts suddenly ran through my mind as I scanned all possibilities of why I would be here. Then I remembered.

     Beta Natalia had beat me for my foolish mistake of running into her. I was so disrespectful. I could only imagine what my punishments would be. Would they experiment on me? Inject me with toxins or chemicals that would slowly torture me? It seemed like something they might do for such crimes against someone of such power.

I lifted my head lightly, feeling my neck stiff from the bed which wasn't as forgiving as the one that Percyus had provided me, yet I doubted I'd ever be allowed to sleep in that bed again after this slip up. I should've stayed conscious. Percyus was anticipating to give me my punishment right there and then, but I passed out and ruined it.

A nurse mindlessly entered the room, sliding on gloves as she scanned her clipboard. When she looked up at me, she was surprised that my eyes were in fact open and I was fully conscious. I bowed my head, wincing at the pain in my neck and cheek. I had gotten used to not getting hit, and the slap she had given me still hurt.

Usually a slap would go unnoticed from being used to it. Now that I haven't been beaten in a while, what Percyus will do to me with hurt so much more. I felt my heart race at just the mere thought and my hands got clammy as I clenched my small fists that were still restrained.

After a brief pause she stepped forward with a small, almost nervous smile, "Hello, I'm Cara, your nurse."

My eyes widened, "M-my what?"

I had never been assigned a nurse, I was unworthy of such things. If I was hurting I either let it hurt or do something myself to fix it, but even that option was out the window now because it had hurt Percyus. I shook my head, "No, I don't deserve one, you don't have to care for me."

     Her eyes grew wide and fearful, "No! I have to! It was an order..." she trailed off.

     She was young, maybe my age, at a mere seventeen. She was very beautiful, although I felt sorry for her, as she obviously was terrified of the King's wrath if she didn't do as told. I felt envious of her beauty, she was stunning. I wasn't. I was of less value than the garbage sitting in the trash cans.

     I nodded my head, not wanting her to get hurt because of my stupidity and defiance, which I shouldn't have anyway. I should be an obedient girl, I shouldn't fight back. I wasn't worthy of having my opinion taken into mind.

     I let her do her thing, testing my blood, poking and prodding. While she did so, I was thinking. I had been a terrible wolf. I was disobedient; I ate without a care in the world, I didn't do my chores, I talked back, I didn't clean up after myself, I looked people in the eyes... I was awful. I drilled it into my brain that I will not do any more bad things. I will follow orders, do chores, and sleep outside until I can clean up my act. Good wolves sleep inside, bad ones like me deserve to sleep in the cold.

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