Week 22 (1/7-1/13)

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The farrier came out Tuesday to try and get trims in before it gets really cold. We started with Sunner and I let Flicka get in some tying practice before she went second.

She did really well this time! The last two times she has had some problems standing and allowing her feet to be messed with but not this time. She did have the typically knock the hoof stand over moment but I'll take it.

The farrier and I always spend quite a lot of time talking and we got around to me asking some questions. One of the things I wanted to address was her head flipping when she lunges. I took her out and lunged her but of course she didn't do it.

I also asked him about forequarter yields. We just haven't got a rythym yet and can't seem to get going. He told me to get more infront of her which made a huge difference. He also showed me where to ask and levels of pressure which was really helpful. I spent the rest of the week playing around with her yeilds.

Of course after he left we went back to struggling a bit but every now and then we would click and get a step. I hope as we practice this more we will get it. After all horses learn through repetition.

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