Chapter 11 - WWJKIL

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We Were Just Kids In Love

Chapter eleven:

[Roxy’s POV]

Sunlight was filtering in through a gap in my curtains and I fought hard to pretend to myself that I was still sleeping to keep my dreams going. I dreamt of kissing Nate and having him respond to me as though we were really lovers and every second that brought me into reality I clawed towards my dreams.

Nate’s face disappeared and I groaned as I inwardly started cussing at the sun. I missed sleeping in Nate’s warm bed and waking up in his arms. I didn’t want to open my eyes and see an empty room that lacked his scent. Then again… my bed was oddly warm and my shirt smelled like Nate. I pried my eyes open and gasped when I saw Nate smiling at me from the pillow next to mine.

“Naddy! What are you doing here?” I asked him.

“Well good morning to you too beautiful” he said. His voice was rough from sleep and was sexy as hell with his ruffled hair. “You were having nightmares again Rox. So I came over to be your knight in shining armour again”

He lifted a finger and smoothed it down my cheek as he spoke and even though it was something new for him to do it felt as though we had done this every morning of our lives. The simple touch ignited a heat in my lower stomach and I quickly suppressed a moan. Our eyes met and he leaned in closer to share my pillow and soon we were sharing the same breath.

“You look gorgeous this morning Rox, but that’s nothing new to see” he whispered and I could feel his hot breath feathering across my face. It took a while for me to get a handle of my scattered thoughts but I finally managed to get hold them a few minutes later.

“I could say the same thing about you too Naddy. You’re never a bad sight to see first thing in the morning”

Were we flirting? Was I seriously flirting with my lifelong best friend? Before I could clear my throat and climb out of bed Nate starting poking my ribs making me squeal and wriggle around the bed.

“Naddy! NO! St-stop!” I laughed. I was trying to swat his hands away but my laughter was mixing with his and soon it was a tickle war under the sheets.

I don’t know why he insisted on tickling me because he knows that I lose all control of my limbs while I try to escape being tickled and that became very obvious when I hear an ‘oomph’ as I accidently kneed him in the stomach and chest.

“Oww! Rox!” he laughed painfully. He rolled to his back and gasped and I was quick to roll over to him and feel for where I hit him even though I couldn’t anything.

“Oh my God Naddy, I’m so sorry” I laughed.

“You don’t sound like it” he tried to sound angry but the huge smile assured me I was safe. “You can always kiss it better you know Rox”

I froze. Was he serious?

No he couldn’t be serious. He was always joking around like this but I decided to surprise him anyway. I moved between his legs and laid on top of him. “Okay” I answered him and grinned when I saw his eyes widen. I bent my head and spread butterfly kisses across his naked sculpted chest and smiled when he began to breathe a little heavier and his pulse was thumping through his skin.

“You don’t have to Rox…” he said hesitantly rubbing my arms up and down.

“But I have to make my Naddy feel all better” I told him and continued to kiss down his chest to his defined abs and generously kissing each ab of his six pack before I nibbled the skin just above his boxers.

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