Prologue/ Chapter 1

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Have you ever been blinded? Have you ever believed in something or someone so much it blinded you...Always living in darkness about everything, even trying to control her own life was far to difficult. How could you cope with being completely alone in the dark, How could you cope with being Blind.

Raven is nothing but a simple small town girl,who keeps to herself. Only ever speaks to a few and will listen to less, surviving only with her grandmother. Raven has come to terms with her own life but one mysterious dangerous stranger who comes in the shadows is about to ruin it all.

Victor Embrose.

The only name to make Raven shiver, with a past and a future coming to haunt him. Will she be destroyed? Will Victor be blinded by the sweet blooded blind girl?

Everything lurks in the shadows.

Chapter one

I tried to focus on the sounds on the street, the sounds of people walking around me, the chatter filling my ears and the smells of the streets. My neighbour hood smelt like BBQ and freshly cut grass, it was a small walk across the path.  But I wasn't on my street now, I was in fact  on my way to work. My palms were sweaty, I had to change over my pole from left to right a few times. I could feel the sun on my skin, I hadn't much skin on display but I could feel it on my face with a light wind every once in a while.

I walked slowly, in know need of a rush. I hit the stick with each step I took forward. My mother had made sure when I was a child I knew every inch of the town even leaving me on my own a handful of times to get to certain places. Mumma said I had to learn my way home. I mostly got around with smells and sounds, mumma had always wanted me to get a dog but Grandma hated them. I felt a bump, I only moved a little bit the strength from it must had been from a young girl like my self. I heard a take in breath, I didn't stop though just kept on walking.

"Oh my god! Sorry Miss Clarke" I heard an anxious voice behind me filled with worry and fear, I didn't turn back though I kept on walking the only reply I gave was lifting my arm up and waving at her. Course she didn't see me, know one ever really saw me. I was counting my steps, I'd got to 210 steps and one road crossing and another left turn.

I stood infront of the building, I felt my stick hit against the step I took a few steps, knowing there was a few more steps I took another few more. The sound was slient around here. I reached my hand out when my stick hit against something hard, my hand hit a hard wooden door I screached for a few moments and found the door handle and pulled it towards me. I could hear the voices behind me, people were waiting behind me hopefully I didn't form a very long quene. I had walked into the hall way of the town Libray, there was a corringdoor before the library though it was long and wide I kept to the middle knowing the last time I kept to the side the doors along the wall would sometimes open and I would be hit with someone or an hard wooden door.

Once I had reach the front of the library I felt at ease, what people didn't know I hated walking the streets, hated to count and focus on smells on each streets but I couldn't be inside all day with Grandma that would simply drive me insane.

"Hey my little book worm"I heard the supervisor Nancy say, she was a kind warm hearted woman, I imagine she was older about mid 40 with long brown hair with a framed face however with glasses that hide her large brown eyes, the only reason I knew she wore glasses is because I was always finding them.

"Hey Nancy" I spoke back I walked forwards her, moving around the counter and finding the edge and walking around forwards Nancy.  I put my stick to one side resting it against the counter and took my bag off my shoulder while removing my leather jacket.

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