Chapter One

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I yelped as I shouldered into a chair by a tall, scary black man in a suit. He stood alongside the chair, his buff arms crossed, blank-faced. The office was like the ones you'd see in movies. The walls had every achievement of his, along with few photos of what I assumed to be family. He was smiling in

Currently, I was sitting in a perfectly orderly office, across from the sternest man dubbed by New York Weekly, Alexander Brine. His messy grayish-black hair and the white dress shirt gave him the look of a man in his forties. I felt out of place in my jeans and red plaid button up.

"Mason Maxwell. Age nineteen. You were born in Canada, B.C, and graduated from UVIC with an astronomy degree. But you chose to move to New York in the exploration for an Astronomers job," his dark eyes met mine. "is this correct?" the stern man asked me, indicating my profile in a plain manner.

I sat there apprehensively. My hands were sweating like I was in a sauna full of equally sweaty fat men, which trust me, isn't fun. They'd ended up surrounding me, so I was squished between a group of them. I'm pretty sure I almost died that day. But I scrapped that thought and managed to keep some composer. "Sounds about right, sir. I mean, it is my resume..." I awkwardly chuckle.

My reasons for sitting in this chair were of pure intentions. Science and Discovery Co, or SDC, is the world round Science company. Known for making billions. And Mr. Brine was the owner of this and fifteen other buildings worldwide, the one stationed in New York being his main and the one he spent ninety percent of his time. And strict as he may be, his science programs are nothing to scoff at.

He read my resume once more. Never made a comment about it. Not even a facial expression forded his face. "Hm..." he hummed. "I've got a question a question."

"Sure," I agree. I sit up straight as if it'd give me confidence. In reality, I wanted to cry like a baby whose binky dropped from their mouth.

He leaned forward and crossed his fingers. "Why this company? I'm sure it'd be more convenient to work closer to home."

I bite my lower lip. "Because."

Mr. Brine was taken back. "What?"

"Just because. Does there need to be a reason?" I asked. But the answer was a lie. I just couldn't think of an actual reason in the moment.

He nodded, though it seemed it be just as confused as he was.

I nervously licked my lick. "Well, It's because your company is the best there is?" I reason though it seemed like a question. "I mean, sure, there might be others with easier job opportunities or companies nearby home. But I didn't go through all this hard work to take the easy way out. I want to be the best astronomer history has yet to see, and SDC will get me there. Besides, even if you reject me today, I'll just be back tomorrow with the same objective."

I gulped. That was the worst thing I could've ended with. 'I'll be back tomorrow'. Jeez! I'm such a fuckin' idiot!

His eyes were piercing and narrated me that he'd probably seen lots of measly guys and girls walk in here, craving this job like myself. Honestly, I was getting ready to beg at this point.

He handed back my resume. "You'v--"

I slap my hands together and drop to my knees. "Please, Mr. Brine. I really want this job!"

"Well, you--"

"Sir, It's been a dream of mine since forever. I promise to work to the fullest of my ability."

He sighed irritability. "Let me finish, will you? I was gonna say you g-"

"Just, please!" I urge.

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