The Unschooled diary of Aspen Roads

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(written on inside cover of diary)

Name – Aspen Dorothy Roads

Age – 15

Birthday – July 15th

Favorite food – the apple pies that my aunt Clara makes

Favorite color – neon yellow

Favorite Movie – sleeping beauty

Favorite song – different colors by walk the moon

Dream vacation – Yellowstone

Hobbies – Photography, traveling, collecting postcards and blogging

                                                                           December 31st, 2017

Oh, hey diary my name is Aspen, and I got you for Christmas from my brother Kyle and since it's about to be a new year I thought I would try something new by keeping a diary. I mainly use my computer to write things like my blog about my life as an unschooled teen and photographer, but I thought it would be fun to have a dairy as well. I love being unschooled and would you believe that there are some people who don't know what that is? You see it's like being home schooled but with no set schedule or curriculum. The way Kyle puts it we are students of the world. Being unschooled gives me a feeling of freedom. I'm a photographer like my mom and I help her run her own business ,I am official an employ now! Last month I got to be the main photographer for my neighbor's Christmas card photos. It helps that my neighbor's middle child Cindy is my best friend, but when the shoot was done the pictures looked just as beautiful as if my mom would have taken them and I got many compliments. Anyways since it is the end of the year, I have to say 2017 was a great year! I don't think I could sum up my 2017 any better than my Instagram best nine of 2017 did. My most liked pictures of 2017 go like this.

1. The picture of me holding my new camera I got of my birthday this was the same day I officially became and employ of my mom's company.

2. One of my many pictures I have of the Castle at Disneyland (I live only 15mins away from Disneyland)

3. A picture of me and Cindy at Epcot this summer

4. A picture of my cousin Leah from one of or many photo shoots we did this year

5. A picture of my mom and dad that I took of them on their anniversary

6. A Selfie that I took in a pink wig while holding my cat dream

7. A Selfie of me and my grandma at her birthday party

8. A picture that Kyle took of me riding my bike at a campground in Texas

9. A picture I took of an amazing wedding cake at one of the many weddings I help my mom with this year

So yeah ........... that's about what my year looked like tonight I'm going to Leah's house for what is sure to be an epic New Year's Eve party!

Good bye 2017, Love forever Aspen

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