Part 17 Another One (Finale)

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The night has ended with no celebration.

Cassandra is okay.

I am okay.

The city has been sanitized by The Projects.

And most of all Collix is okay.

Elliott brought me on my quarters.

And everyone was ordered to wear a special ring to avoid any entrance of that bloody Valdemere to our body.

Elliott lend me the information that Crader's death is not my fault. It was caused by a dark power. And then she also said nobody was really dead after the initiation except of Crader. The weapons will just shut your immune system for like minutes. When you lose, you'll be designated into the WRO or Weapons Room. It is a low profile job but still they get to have meaning for their lives. They are just not made for fighting.

That all was a short lie to boost our competitiveness.

So after this night, it would be fine to bring Collix home.

Would I like his memory of this drained?

Or what if just all of it.

Like he did not know me.

But that in the first place, is a misuse of power.

Gosh. I can't decide for this.

But after minutes of thinking, my eyelids finally felt relieved to sleep.

My white dress looks good if it is not stained today.


"Carolynn! I knew everything now. There is no way they will erase my memories away. Please, don't let them do it."

I lie next to Collix' bed and he waits for me to say anything.

"Do it now." Is all I said.


"It's for the best Collix."

"Remember when we promised to each other that nothing will separate us. That our memories together are what we will carry forever-"

"Collix stop!"

Tears burst to my eyes and I can't dare look to the Memory Serum that they hold.

The old man came close to me and opened the door to my face.

"Lady, I think it would be better if you stay out of his sight."


Though I am not.

I followed the Medics as they bring him home to his house using the same portal ring Kruxian once used.

His mom was asleep.

I kissed him goodbye and asked the Medics to let me use one of the portal ring.

I touch the pavement and the solid rippled like water.

It came as excited as I anticipated.

And I ended in my old house.

The room was half lit by the chimney. The dining hall was roamed by Mrs. and Mr. Boufergard. They are talking to Officer Bery.

"Thanks Ma'am for the fine dinner. I think the police station misses me right now. I will call you both when we found a mile stone to your daughter's case."

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