Part 16 Lord of Panic

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"Oh my goodness! Are those Hellions?" Arnold stumbled to knee with me on the floor.

"I guess so..."

He checks the bruises on my elbow and wiped them with his handkerchief. "You should be taken to the clinic. Demon virus spreads inevitable."

"Wait no... they never touched me. Kruxian did it."

Arnold brushed his sophisticated colored fingers on his forehead. "Why would he do that?"

So as his question hang in the air, I told him I am okay and there is no reason for him to guide me. Right now, I don't want to talk about nightmares to anyone. I can imagine Arnold's eyes also glowing dark. A hole entirely made of darkness.

I haven't slept. But my  mind turned to a shut down.

And it was a bitter morning to start my day.

All the initiates are falling in line to the large stadium. And just as I flung myself to the others, Cassandra held my shoulders and told me that she still likes me even if I beat her.

There are only 7 of us left.

Just in time, I saw Crader's rude expression on me.

When we enter the hallway, 7 individual paths are waiting for us. Each one will lead us to an entrance to the Blood Ground. I make my way to my path. My footsteps echo all around the walls. I take my time to warm my hands. As I count to ten, the finishing alarm came to life.

And I run. I run my way.

This is it. This is it. This is it.

Magnificent lights parted all over my face. The glass door at my back shut closed.

I lean and saw the other six initiates on the other sides of the swirling stage.

Blood Ground is a circular stage that has 65-step stairs leading downward. Nobody knows where it goes.  

This is still insane. Killing your own kind? It won't make us even better.

Five will die and two will own the victory.

The lights turned red.





The alarm goes wild.

My feet felt numb as I grab the sphere on edge of the stage. Dungen, the boy with lemon-colored hair, fired his gun on me. He hit my collar bone. I cursed as a girl ebb her hook on my legs. And I fell down. The girl was white faced as a sling shot her midway before hitting me. It was Cassandra's. Dungen took his chance and folded my arms on my back. "I won't finish you. I don't kill weak woman. So please, die on your own."

He knocked my small body and I fell straight to the hole.

I can't think of anything.

But my hand got hold of a step and I hung myself up.

That sick bastard.

When I was on my way, Dungen was thrown on my side.

And he fell with his body unconscious. I watch in the terror of what death he had.

I run up and around just in time to see a dark toned man hit his ax to the other initiate.

The gun alarm fires off.

3 are dead.

So there is no running now.

"Initiates, choose your ally." The screen showed a man I don't know with a micro phone. The crowds on their benches cheered. I saw Cassandra's exasperation.

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