Part 15 Caught in a Run

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I wear my sweater and head to Kruxian’s room. I knock on his door and he came out as quickly as needed.

“What’s the problem? Can’t you sleep?”

The truth is I don’t want to sleep anymore. After that real life nightmare, I think it would be better to stay awake. He let me in his quarters to talk about what happened.

“Have you ever dreamed of a pack of wolves and vultures eating you?”

He curls his eyebrows and examines for a while. “Well that’s creepy. Is that what you are worried for? Don’t worry we are purely secured in here. There will be no chance for wild animals to eat you while you’re inside.”

He touches the tip of my chin. “Yeah I know that… But that’s not what I’m worried about. There is a man visiting me. He always takes creepy forms and talks to me to stay alive while he waits for his retribution. Do you know anyone who must need to be reborn?”

He fell silent.

The room cools down. The icy feeling creeps all over my body. I can’t shake the dizziness. My feet seem to be freezing. It’s freezing. The temperature dropped to nearly zero. The light flickers and the windows shattered.

“Kruxian… What’s happening?”

He holds my hand and he hugs me. I can’t breathe. He is killing me. I try to refuse from his firm and muscular arms, “Kruxian… I can’t… breathe…” He let go of me and holds my shoulder to the window frame.

His eyes are as dark as the man’s in my dreams. Fog burst out from his mouth and nose and then he speaks in a hoarse voice.

“Yes. I know someone who needs to be reborn. Me…

They took on me… they are all afraid of my power…

I will take my revenge…

It’s too late before you act Carolynn…

The victory is already ours…

And the ones you love is mine.”

He shoves a pile of smoke with his hand and made an intricate animation of a man and a woman. The baby in a basket they are carrying is me. My parents. So that’s what they look like.

Slowly the child disappears and my parents turned to bones. Collix appears on the smoky vision. His features are angelic, but turns dead as an arrow shot him in the heart. The focus turned to the shooter.A winged man with dark hair. His one eye is scarred and hard to forge. But I knew him somehow.

The smoke diminished. It scatter on the floor and with a loud bang, a large hole popped up from the ground. A large red hand reaches from the under, until it reveals it’s face and tail. A giant Hellion. I run for the door leaving Kruxian who’s now lying unconscious to the mat.

The demon diminished as I reach the end of the corridor, where all the lights are turned on. Only ashes are left. 

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