Chapter 6

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Yuri was out the house and gone by the time everyone woke up. His parents were going to kill him as it was, but staying another day would invite even worse punishments. Alas, when he walked in his parents were already up and eating breakfast.

"I- uh... I'm sorry," he began.

"Your punishment is already in place. Don't bring another animal in this house is that understood?" his mother spoke anger filling her eyes.

"Where is Agota?"

"She's gone you idiot. You shouldn't have run off," his dad looked at him daring him to  challenge the decision.

Yuri held his tongue for once and walked to his room wishing more than ever he had just stayed home and let himself be used. He didn't care anymore. All he was good for was being used. To boost people's spirits, to sleep with them, to win a championship and make his coach look good. The more he thought about it the angrier he became. He should just quit skating and become whatever his mother wanted him to become. It would make sense. Besides, he'd been to what? One practice in two weeks? His chances of winning were practically over anyway, especially with Victor back in the running. He decided to text Victor.

Yuri: tell yakov I won't be in practice again. I'm quitting.

Victor: what do you mean? Are you OK? Are your parents making you quit?

Yuri: I'm quitting because I want to. You should be happy. It means you actually have a chance this year at winning. 😝

Victor : Yuri I'm serious. 😯 I don't want to win just because you quit. Do you need to come over? Or me or Yuuri to come over there?

Yuri: I told you I'm fine. I've been thinking about this for a while now anyway. It's why I haven't been in practice

A small lie wouldn't hurt. Victor didn't respond after that and yuri was glad. He picked his skates up and tore down all the posters he had of skaters and different sayings throwing them into a box and taking it outside to the garbage. His mom saw him and for one tried to hide her smile.

"Quitting?" she asked.

"Yes..." he took a deep breath, "what do you want me to do?"


Yuri looked in the mirror at himself closing his eyes. He heard the doorbell ring through the comm in his room but ignored it turning off the comm. "I'm so f--ing useless." he looked at his long hair the hair that he had loved because it was one of the few things his parents let him decide even if they disagreed. It just made him angry now. It reminded him of all the people who had pulled it when they hurt him, when they touched him. It reminded him of skating and when it fell in his face. It reminded him of Victor, who was now trying to call him, trimming it, and it just made him mad. He screamed knowing his walls would stop it and took the scissors to his hair chopping, cutting his hands by accident not caring about the pain just cutting and slashing letting it fall to the floor until rough hands grabbed his wrists stopping him.

"Let me go!" he screamed kicking at the intruder behind him.

"Yuri! Yuri calm down! It's otabek! Victor said you quit skating and to check on you your mom let me in."

Yuri calmed slowly pulling his wrists out of Otabek's hand and turning to glare at him, "I told him I'm done now get out."

"Let me at least fix your hair is a mess."

"Fine. Don't make it worse."

Otabek sighed, "I used to do this for my siblings and I got good at it." he talked while he worked. "My sister used to braid the girls hair into gorgeous braids while I gave all the boys a haircut and then I would let her cut mine. My dad works a lot so he couldn't help but when he comes home he'd do nothing but play with us and he missed us a lot when he was away. It was hard on my mom and since I'm the oldest I helped a lot. She was a great mom, cooked every meal, kept the house clean, and still somehow managed to teach the girls how to sew and the boys how to shoot. Sometimes they would even switch and all the girls would learn to shoot while the boys learned to sew," otabek laughed," sounds crazy right?" he finished stepping away then smiling," I didn't know you had piercings.

Yuri frowned, "I don't wear them to practice or performance but since I quit I can wear them more."

"You have three in one ear." I didn't take you for a piercing person, that's a lot for someone so little."

Yuri smirked,"You do know I have more than three right?"

"Where? I don't see anymore."

There was another smirk before Yuri stuck his tongue out showing a piercing and watching Otabek's eyes widen in surprise.

"Your mom can't be happy with that."

"She doesn't know about it yet, that one's fairly new and more painful than the ears to get. I think I might be done, I have five in all but the last one isn't in right now."

"What's does it go?"

"Mmh wouldn't you like to know?"

"I wouldn't have asked if I didn't."

"Too bad, I'm not going to tell you."

"You aren't wearing it. How am I supposed to figure it out? It's kind of an unfair game."

Yuri got closer and whispered in his ear, "Life isn't fair, now get out. You said you would."

Otabek sighed, "I thought you would enjoy the company. Besides," he smiled, "now I want to know where that piercing is."

"You made a promise. However, I do recall something that might make me change my mind."

"And what would that be?"

"Take me to the club tonight and I'll let you know where the 5th piercing is," he barely held back from adding very me of it this hell hole.

Otabek frowned leaning back, "You aren't old enough to drink in public. They won't let you in."

"Let me worry about that. Just take me," even if it meant he'd sell himself again to get in.

"Fine. Just don't get arrested."

Yuri grinned, "Deal. Now out. Pick me up at 8."

Otabek left and yuri closed his eyes thinking about the possibilities. The man who owned the club was the same man who promoted his mother. He owned it on the side "just for the heck of it." perhaps he could use the fact he had slept with him before to get in. However, he might want to sleep with him again and yuri wasn't sure if his body could take that again so soon after. There's always fake ID's but otabek would drag him out himself if that happened. Yuri sighed just wishing things could be easier and grabbed his backpack heading to the club to talk to the owner. He knew his mother was going to make him do it again at some point he might as well get something out the relationship himself.

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So for those of u who don't know, the story behind peeping Tom is that there was a town who was starving but the royals had lots of food. So the princess asked her father to give food to the commoners and he said only if she rides through the town naked. She decided she was going to so the whole village decided to line up on the streets and turn their back as she rode by so she wasn't embarrassed. However, one man named Tom looked and the villagers got mad at him and I can't remember for sure but I think they killed him. Anyways, that is where we get the phrase peeping Tom.

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