The drive should have took 1 hour but Gibbs shorted that to 25 minutes. Tony was throwing up out the window most of the way there. Ziva watched him in discuss and McGee was just shocked that someone could throw up that much. After they got there Tony took a minute to get together. "Tony, McGee, Ziva cover all the entries and exists. Fornell and I have the front." Gibbs ordered. Tony, McGee and Ziva then did as they were told. "You ready, Gibbs" asked Fornell. "Yes, now lets go." Said Gibbs as he put his hand on the door. Gibbs then counted down from 5. When Gibbs said 'one' they all went running in clearing the place but there wasn't much to clear. The warehouse was just one big open area. You could see the disappoint on Gibbs' face that Amanda wasn't there. They started to hear a cell phone. Gibbs saw the phone and picked it up and the caller I.D read 'private' so Gibbs answered. "If you want to see your daughter, Amanda, alive bring 'Shannon Kelly' back to this address in 3 hours or Amanda dies." Ordered the voice on the phone that sounded squeaky like a mouse. "How do I know Amanda is alive?" Asked Gibbs. "I'm in a greenhouse basement on-" said Amanda before she was cut off it sounded like she was gagged. "Bring me Shannon Kelly or Amanda dies." Said the voice right before it hung up. "Boss? Who was that?"'asked tony. "The person who was Amanda." Answered Gibbs. "What did he want?" Asked Fornell. "For me to bring back here a 'Shannon Kelly' in 3 hours or Amanda dies." Responded Gibbs.

They were now back at ncis and in the bullpen with two and a half hours left. McGee has a count down on his phone. After Gibbs parked at ncis Tony throw up again. "McGee, find out who Shannon Kelly is now!" Ordered Gibbs. McGee sat at his desk typing away. Abby came running into the bullpen to find out if they got Amanda. "Did you get her?!" Asked Abby. "No, Abbs we didn't." Stated Gibbs," McGee, what have you found?" McGee answered saying," Shannon Kelly has never been married,unlike you,boss, she's 45, works at key bank, is making a pretty nice size pay cheek and her records don't start until late 2008." "What does that mean, McGee?" Gibbs demanded to know for this woman is what is keeping Amanda alive. "Basically she doesn't have records before 2008. Everyone has records they maybe small ones but they have them. So, according to the records she never existed until 6 years ago. It's like she just came into existence. I've looked of the smallest thing. She didn't even have a drivers license until 6 years ago. Come on she's in her mid 40s. Who doesn't have their license went they are in their mid 40s? " Tim answered. "I don't know, maybe Diane." Fornell joked and lightly elbowed GIbbs. Tony looked at how much she makes and said,"Wow! I wish I had that pay cheek!" Gibbs the Gibbs-slapped him for joking at a time like this. Gibbs started to walk to the elevator and everyone followed even Abby wanted to come but Gibbs gave her the stare and she stand at ncis. Gibbs was speeding again. Fornell had a hard time trying to keeping up with him.

It took about 10 minutes to get there and tony almost peed himself on the way over because of how scared he got. Shannon was walking to the door to leave work because her work day is over and she sees Gibbs and tony at the front entrance. She turns around to go out the back entrance but after she walked about 10 feet she was stopped but Fornell walking right in front of her. All she could think was,'crap! Everything I worked for is down the drain. How did they find me?' "Excuse me, sir. Your in my way." stated Shannon in her southern accent trying to go around him but he kept getting in her way. Gibbs then came around in front of her. "I'm ncis special agent Gibbs we need to talk, in private." Stated Gibbs showing his badge. Shannon sighed then got her co-workers to let them use the meeting room. "Okay, now talk. I don't have all day. And they said we have 5 minutes." Said Shannon sitting and making sure Gibbs couldn't see her right eye because of what she said was a lie. Gibbs is the only one who knows when she is lying and that would give away who she really is. Gibbs sat on the other side of the table. "You are what is keeping my daughter alive because the kidnappers want you." Stated Gibbs. "Excuse me?" Asked Shannon. "The kidnappers want you in 2 hours or they kill her. Now let's cut to the chase because they wouldn't want a low life like you. The only thing they could possible want you for is your money. So, who are you really?" Asked Gibbs. Shannon got this look in her face and popped out her phone and called someone. "I don't know what your talking about. I am Shannon Kelly." Said Shannon. Gibbs saw something in her face. "Fornell, Tony, Ziva, McGee. Wait outside. I want to talk to Miss, Shannon alone." Ordered Gibbs. They all left and Gibbs sat in the chair in front of her. "Jen, stop the charade and that phony southern accent. I saw your right eye twitch and I don't know what you did to your face. What did you do have plastic surgery done?" "I'm sorry but you have me confused with someone else." Shannon lied but wasn't looking at Gibbs so he couldn't see her right eye twitch. Shannon got up and left the room and called someone. Shannon hung up not very long later and started running to her car. Gibbs and everyone else went running after her, she was fast for a girl in heels. Gibbs caught up to her and grabbed her arm right before she got in the car. "What's going on? And Where do you think your going?" Asked Gibbs. Shannon looked at him and stopped the phony accent," Jethro, they have L.J too. If its me they want then so be it. They can have me as long as the our kids are safe."

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