Katherine's World: Part 2 - Chapter 1

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I've been faking it for the past 21 years.

Smile. Grin. Laugh. Tell a joke. Act sexy. Act coy . Be funny. Fake shy. Be happy.

"My name is Katherine Sparks and I am capable of handling whatever comes my way". I repeat this statement over and over again just like Dr. Grenwald told me to. Positive affirmations that were SUPPOSED to keep me going when life got a little too much and that tended to happen a lot in my post Turner world. It's been 42 days. God only knows how many hours and seconds it took to wash the scent of someone bad off of you. I keep thinking that maybe if I scrubbed extra hard, scrub with therapy, scrub with crafting, scrub with friends, that he'll come off...but he still hasn't yet.

"BEEEP" the impatient noise of a driver behind me brought me back to reality.

"SO sorry!" I scream out the window. My cheeks turn an unbecoming rose color as my foot pushes down on the accelerator. Combine the awkward behavior that trauma brings with my general state of bashfulness and you're in for a lot of embarrassing situations. I keep driving, my eyes and my mind are supposed to be on the road but these days I can never stop thinking. Gosh, I'm supposed to be a real life Disney princess. Ever smiling, ever happy, and ever gorgeous. Right now I can almost feel the grease in my hair and my head is caped in a hoodie in the hope that it will distract people from seeing the alien invasion currently populating my face. This stress is turning me into a girl I'm not supposed to nor do I want to be...

To tell my story you'd have to tell Jackson's because everything that happened to him shaped a large part of how he treated me, and as pathetic as it may seem, how he treated me shaped a large part of the shape I'm in now...

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