Episode 11: The Over Night

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I can't believe that the school's top playboys can be so nice. I've only talk to them for an hour but they all seem genuinely nice. Personally I think that Taehyoung is the nicest. "Ok so, let's get this party started. Ok so what will be doing right now is a game of hide n seek" Hoseok said to all of us.

"Hide n seek? But that's a kids game!" said a childish Jin.

"Let me finish! Hide n seek with a twist!" He continued.

"What's this twist, Hoseok?" I curiously asked.

"The twist is that we will be in the dark with partners."

"Ooooooh, interesting. So how do we know who's our partner?" Said Taehyung.

"You get to pick! Two people in one group, no more no less!" said Hoseok.
Taehyung nodded and stayed quiet as Hoseok explain the rules. "Ok now you can go pick your partner!" said Hoseok as he went over to the person he wanted to be partners with.

Taehyung's POV
I went over to Y/n. She look like she was waiting for everyone to pick their partner so that she'll get whom ever is left. But I want to get to know her so I came to her. "Hey Y/n! Want to be partners?"

"Uh sure! But don't you want to go with one of the guys?"

"Uh, why? Yon don't want to be my partner? Awww you're gonna make me cry!"

"No No No No No No, I do it's just I thought you would want to go with one of the guys! Please don't cry Oppa"

I gasped at what I heard come from her mouth. "You called me Oppa! Yay you called me Oppa!" I said like a child. She laughed at me acting like I was a child. I forgave her since she called me Oppa.

Everyone has their partners. They were...
Yoongi hyung and Jimin hyung
Namjoon hyung and Jin hyung
Me and Y/n
Hoseok hyung

Hoseok didn't have a partner so he was going to be the seeker. He said that he was going to count to 100. His house was like a Mansion so there was a lot of places to hide. Each pair had to hide in the same spot. Y/n and I started to look for a spot to hide. I took her to the addict. That was the farthest place since we were in the basement. We hid behind a couple of boxes.


Jimin hyung and Yoongi hyung were the last to be found. Meaning that they won the whole game. It took Hoseok a while to find us all. However he did find all of us.

Yoongi's POV
After Hoseok found us all we decided to order pizza. We also started a couple of movies. After three movies I felt something heavy on my shoulder. I looked to see a peaceful young girl sleeping on me. She really does look adorable when she sleeps. I looked over and saw Taehyung looking at me. He looked upset. "That's not fair" he whined with a pout. "Why does she fall asleep on you? You're her cousin. She should fall asleep on me." he said in a yelling whisper. I rolled my eyes and ignored his nags. I started to dose off when...."Guys I de... Yoongi what are you doing with her?!"

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