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"NeeNee can you tell us what's going on" the people Asked.

"What do you mean what's going on" I got out of the car and started walking up towards the door.

"With Nba Youngboy" they followed me.

"What? What is yall talking about"

"We've been out here for three hours trying to get a hold of nba Youngboy" they followed me.

I opened the door and walked in and Kentrell Came and flicked them off before closing the door behind us.

"Alright you can go" he bluntly said.

"Who me?" I Asked.

"Yeah, you can go" he shrugged.

"Let's do the next clip" he told the camera people.

"What the fuck is wrong with you like ever since you been getting money you went Hollywood that's how you got into that fight with dude at the mall you act too Boujee like a bitch of some" I went off.

"Ion even know what you talking about you irritating me" he waved me off.

"You know what, fuck you bruh you can go back to Jamia or what ever the fuck her stupid ass name is" I walked off into the back room where everybody was at.

I flopped down on the couch.

"What happened to you" 3 asked me.

"Your friend really pissing me of on my momma I'm finna be done with him" I Said.

"What happen?" He stood up.

"Cuz Like I did my part in the video and then he just told me I could leave like I was a hoe that just got done sucking his dick or some" I scrunched my face up.

"Maybe something pissed him off and he just mad right now" Boomer Said.

"Nah, he been acting like that for the past 3 days now"

"I don't even care no more like Jania can really have him the way he be acting I can't deal with no nigga like that" I added.

"Nah don't say that he won't know what to do without you" babyjoe Shook His head.

"Well I guess he gone be one lost mothafucka" I shrugged.

I guess he had took a break because he Came back here and sat on the couch across from me where babyjoe and Boomer was sitting.

I rolled my eyes. And Esha rubbed my back.

"Why you rubbing by back like I'm finna cry or some shit" I looked over at her and laughed.

"I didn't know what else to do" she shrugged.

"I know it hurt sometimes,but you'll get over it, you'll get over it" Kd sang lowly.

"It's always you" I side eyed him.

"Sure is" he smiled like it was a compliment.

"I'm out yall" I grabbed my purse and stood up.

"Where you going" mr.bipolar Asked.

I ignored him. "Esha you coming"

"Yea" she stood up and followed me.

"Say, I know you heard me" He kept talking and I kept walking.

We walked out the door and the camera people was out here waiting for him to record his next clip thing or whatever.

I said my goodbyes to them and walked to my car.I felt my self being snatched up.

Of course it was Kentrell. "Let me go I'm not even playing"

"I asked you where you was going mane" he yelled in my face.

"For one I'm not your "mane" two Why is you yelling in my face like I won't pop you dead in you jaw" I rolled my neck.

"I'm not Trynna Hear nothing you saying, where you going!" He Asked again.

"Homeee nigga homeee"

"That's all you had to say" he let me go.

"Why you even worried about where I'm going anyway since you don't care about nothing else" I rolled my eyes.

"I do just stuff been happening" he sighed.

"Stuff like what" I Asked And he turned his face the other way.

I grabbed his face and turn it so he was facing me.

"Imma Tell You But Hold Up" he grabbed both of my hands.

"Why you holding my hands" I tilted my head to the side.

"Because I don't want you to hit me" He Said in a duh tone.

"I'll try not to but what" I shifted my weight to my other leg.

He put his head down "I think I got Jania pregnant" he mumbled.

I laughed. "Ok"

"You not mad" he looked at me surprised.

"Nah not really cus it's not my problem no more" I shrugged.

"Mad What You Trying To Say"

"I swear you should've never dropped out, I'm trying to say I'm done with you" I waved my hands around.

"What Nah I'm not losing you again over some stupid shit that happened in the past I know you might not wanna Hear this But I used a condom so it's no way she pregnant I know I'm not crazy" he held his head with both of his hands like he was going thru something.

"Go find out if she really pregnant Bruh in the mean time I'm out" I put up the duces and got in the car leaving him standing there looking stupid.

"You straight" Esha Asked me.

"Yeah I see what he saying but at the same time I dont wanna deal with all that and knowing her she probably not even pregnant she just saying that to get him to be with her" I shrugged.

"So you gone get back with him or what" she asked.

"If he can prove to me that she not pregnant I will but until then I'm cool off him"

She nodded.

I pulled out of the driveway and started heading home.Next week was my graduation and I was so ready to official get the fuck out of that school.

There was a sign saying the road had closed so this meant I had to take the back road which I hated because it was dark as fuck and nobody be out there. I got off that road and went down the back road instantly getting a bad feeling.

"Esha am I the only one getting a bad feeling about this" I glanced over at her.

"Nah t-"

"That's them right there!" All I heard tired screeching and gunshots going off.

"Duck!" I Yelled. And got down.

I was sending god a prayer and trying to hide at the same time still hearing the gunshots going off.

After a minute it stopped and I sat up to see if Esha was ok.

"NeeNee got down!" She Yelled.

I felt something sharp hit my shoulder then my back and After that I blacked out.


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