Chapter 4

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Yuri was finally away from his parents, he had run. It was just too much now, but living in the woods also wasn't a good idea. He could hear the wolves getting closer and had no defense. Why were there so many wolves here of all places? Yuri wasn't going to make it, and he'd end up a stupid, childish boy that his parents just can't believe why he would ever leave on the news. Then, they were right in front of him. Yuri woke up to his father shaking him. It had been two weeks since the pancake incident but now it was the middle of the night and he saw why he was having a nightmare. He always got them during thunderstorms. They terrified him.

"I'm up. I'm up," he mumbled trying to hide his growing panic.

"Put some shoes on and a jacket." yuri slowly complied hoping to buy time but his father just got angry and yelled at him to hurry up before roughly pulling yuri's jacket on for him.

"Please don't make me."

He was ignored and roughly taken by the arm before being shoved outside. "This stupid fear of yours is going to end. You spend the night out here," his dad closed and locked the door before going and locking all the windows in all three floors and making sure the vents were sealed. Yuri had gotten very clever other nights with getting inside. He was always beaten for it the next morning, but he'd rather that then the yard when he couldn't hide from the storm.

Yuri curled up in the grass tightly, fear running through him. He hated storms. Ever since he was small they absolutely terrified him. He shook, with the cold or fear he wasn't sure. He managed to hold it together for a few minutes before bursting into tears.


With morning came, his mother unlocked the door and told him he should change into dry clothes. He did so and then headed to practice for the first time in a while. To say the least he practiced his butt off. If he could make it out of Russia he would have a few weeks where he wouldn't have to worry about his parents and their favors. If he had a friend to stay with that wouldn't suspect anything he would try that, but he saw the way Victor inspected him for bruises each day and asked him about it when he saw them. Otabek lived all the way in Kazakhstan so that wasn't an option either. Even his dyedushka (yes the fandom spells it different however if you were to pronounce it right its more like this)  wasn't an option living in a completely different city.

Yuri screamed in anger when he once again fell from a difficult jump. "I'm going home. It's midnight." he said to the empty rink. "And now I'm going crazy talking to ghosts. How nice."

He walked home wishing he lived closer to the rink. He quietly entered the house and walked to his room. He was starving. His parents had worked late the past four nights, and he hadn't gotten to eat since they also left early. He wasn't able make breakfast for them because of the early time meaning he didn't eat. Ignoring his stomach, he sneaked upstairs to grab the 453 rubles ($8 or 6.56€) he needed for a school feild trip. His mom didn't keep track of her money like she did food so it was easy to take. Yuri went back to his room and blasted music in the soundproof walls that could hide so much more when his parents needed it to. He stopped his thoughts before he thought of exactly what it had hid. His mom had gotten that promotion she had wanted to say the least, even getting a bit more than promised. He stopped his thoughts again. Thinking too much was bad. It led to thoughts of pill bottles and knives.

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Two chapters in one day, yay. Maybe to make up for that cliffhanger. I got homework to do now though so probably not another one today seeing as my brain will be dead.

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