(8) Lemon

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You were at the Lucky Cat Cafe, upstairs in Hiro's room, just doodling in your unused notebook in his bed when Hiro came and plopped down beside you.

You looked over your shoulder to see him staring at your half finished doodle of (Favorite Character).

"What?" You ask, facing him and putting the notebook in between the both of you.

He shook his head and smiled at you.

"Nothing." Hiro lied.

You raised an eyebrow at him but shook it off.

You sat in an Indian seat and continued doodling (Favorite Character).

You were almost done when Hiro cleared his throat.

You looked up from your doodle and at Hiro questionably. He had a tiny shade of pink covering his cheeks.

"Uh.. (Y/n)?" He asked, fidgeting with his fingers and biting his lip, as if he was going to say something horrible or stupid.

"Yeah?" You responded at him, still waiting for what he will say.

"I- uh.." He looked hesitant, which made you more even curious.

When you both made eye contact you made a hand gesture for him to continue.

He took a deep breath and said,

"Do you like lemons?"

He quickly said it as the blush of his cheeks darkened.

His question made your cheeks puff up and a bit red, attempting to hold your laugh, but alas.. You failed..

"Oh My Gosh! Hahaha!" You burst out laughing.

You were laughing so hard and so long that the younger Hamada regretted to ask you it.

After a painful 5 minutes, you finally stopped.

Catching your breath you began to say something but really can't at the moment..

After you calmed down but still shaking a bit from laughing, you breathed out, "Yeah.."

"You like lemons?" Hiro repeated his question slowly.

It took all your might not to laugh again and you succeeded this time.

You nodded your head and smiled. "Yeah, I like lemons."

What you both didn't notice that Quesnay came into the room to hear your sentence.

"WHAT!?" She shrieked, turning to face you both, a faint blush visible in her cheeks.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" You asked, looking around.

Quesnay shook her head and ran toward the both of you.

"You like lemons!?" She shouted, apparently shocked. The looks in her eyes say's she's horrified.

"Yeah.. What's wrong with that?" You asked again, confusion in your face.

"Why is she freaking out over a fruit?" You thought.

She gasped. "Everything!"

She paced around, running her hand through her shiny black hair. "I-i can't b-believe you! You've read a lemon!"

"What?" You and Hiro say in unison, confused.

"What lemon? It's a fruit, right? I didn't know that you can read a lemon.." Hiro said and muttered the last part.

Quesnay stopped abruptly pacing and stared at Hiro wide eyed.

"Oh.." She said, realization came to her and she calmed down a bit but her cheeks turned a shade of red velvet.

"I-i got to go.. B-because I-i h-have to gooo.... Feed the flamingos!" She said quickly and darted towards the stairs while screaming, "Aunt Cass! My cheeks are burning! Heeeeeelp!"

"But.. We don't even have flamingos.." Hiro muttered as he saw Quesnay ran out of sight.

You and Hiro looked at each other worryingly and both shrugged.

"Well.. That was -Er..- Something.." You said, giggling.

"Yeah." Hiro chuckled.

"I wonder what she was talking about though.. And why was she blushing darkly?"

"I don't really know.. I'm just gonna ask her later."

And to Quesnay, that was a dreadful night. Making lies to Hiro of what kind of lemon she was talking about.. While Tadashi was watching the two confusedly...

The End..


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