Part 4. [The Hotel Room.x]

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[Time - 11:20pm.]

Tom's P.O.V.


Room Service was On it's way and we had started to watch a Romantic Teen Girl Comedy called Valentines Day. I didn't mind as Long as I was here with Farrah Alone. <3 ''Farrahh, How about you give yhourr Favourite Boy a Hug?'' I Question sweetly.

''Of course, As long as I am yourr Favourite Girl.'' She Relied. Then Hugged me for a While, When we were parting she shuffled near my bare chest so that I was Leaning on my side with her in front of me, my hands on the Waist Secured with her Hand. I kissed the Back of her Neck over and over getting a Thrill everytime my lips touched her Skin. She Seemed to Flinch in excitment, which lead me to carry on. I Turned her gently to face me and Smiled. My heart was pounding at this beautiful Girl infront of my eyes. I Leaned in and Kissed her cheek slowly three times while she stroked my bare chest, I Liked the Sensation. She Got on her hands and knees crawling seductivly towards me. I Laid On my Back Watching her Every move. She Crawled on top of me slowly. I Could feel my heart beating out of my chest. Of course I wasn't a Virgin but this was the only time that this kind of thing felt right. I Wasn't sure if she was a Virgin or not. She wasn't shy but she wasn't loud either. She wasn't a Slaggy Cheerleader and she wasn't a Smartly dressed nerd either. I Was Daydreaming.. At this Moment! What was Wrong with me!

They're was a Knock at the Door. I Went to Answer it, Throwing a Shirt on in the Process. I Brought in a Tray of Champayne, Wine, Chips and Strawberries and set it down onto the Bedside Table. ''Here you go Princess.'' I Said While pouring a Glass of wine and Giving it to her. I Then took a Glass for myself.

''Down it.'' I Challenged as I Emptied the Wine into My mouth.


Farrah's P.O.V-


I Gulped down the Wine with a Smile on my Face. I Flopped back on the Bed next to Tom and Continued to watch the Film.


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