2. To Attention

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Dear Attention,

I could start out by just saying,

Or kindly stating,

That I don't like you.

You make me sad.

You make me mad.

You make me miserable.

Why do people want you?

Why do people even care?

Why does it matter?

"Oooh! Did I get his attention?"

"Do you think this shirt could get me some attention?"

"I'm dying for attention."

I think I found the answer.

I think I solved the mystery of you.

I think I understand

Maybe you didn't start off as being,

Something bad.

Maybe you didn't want,

To make me feel sad.

So maybe I misunderstood you.

Maybe, in fact, I should apologize to you.

I'm sorry Attention,

I don't really know you.

I'm sorry Attention,

You're so often misunderstood.

I'm sorry Attention.



Really short, I know, but I'm so tired emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Thank you for your support though!

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