Chapter 2

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Bri Pov

I woke up to see Qua on his phone dressed .

Me:gm*kisses him*

Qua:*kisses back* gm

I got up brushed my teeth washed my face and took a shower. I got out lotioned my body and put on (mm) . I put on a white tank top and my sweater on top of it to hide my stomach. I grabbed my keys and went to mama house

Mama Huncho House

Me:mama idk what to do *rubs her stomach*

Baby:*rubs its feet against her hand*

Mama: Bri u cant hide that bump for long cause u gettin bigger and eventually he gone find out


Mama: tell him


Mama: what time yo appointment

Me: 3:30

Mama: its 3:00

Me:im finna go then *hugs her* thank u mama

Mama:*hugs back*uw

I got my keys and sat in the car . I decided to text Qua  .


Queen😍: wya

King😍:home whats wrong

Queen😍: stay there im otw

King😍: ight

Convo over


I sat on the car and texted Qua


Queen😍:come outside

Convo over

Him and everybody else walked out .

Qua:wassup *kisses her*

Me:*kisses back*

I knew i was turnin red cause i was nervous asf . I looked at everybody

Me:take yall nosey asses in the house


Me:ok *blows out* for bout 5 months i wouldn't let u put yo arms around me right


Me:and when we got back together we had sex

Qua:yea what happened

Me:before i tell u..u cant get mad

Qua: ight cmon

Me:*playfully pushes him* dont rush me *sighs heavily and lifts her shirt*

Qua:u fuckin wit me

Me:*shakes her head* im 5 months

Qua:ima be a daddy


I seen tears fall from his eyes . I wiped his face . And for the first time in some months we hugged

Me:yo body warm

Qua:y u aint say nun

Me:long story we aint got time for my appointment today

Qua:damn i just miss everything

Me:not everything atleast u can find out what it is

Qua: its a boy his name De'Quavious

Me:2 of u ima kill both of yall

Qua: nah u love us to much all our kids gone have my name

Me:all ???

Qua:yea ima get this baby out and ima get u pregnant again next week

Me:*smh* u got problems


We got in the car and left


Dr:how we doin today



Me:*lays back and lifts her shirt*

Dr:dont forgot the gels cold

She put the gel on there and moved the mouse around

Dr:here's the baby's head , lips

Me: it got yo lips


We was there for bout 30 minutes. So i couldn't look at the pictures she printed and Qua won't tell me the gender or nun .

Me:Quaaaaaaa please


Me:its cool ima find out one day

Qua: ima tell u tm

Me: ok *smirks*

We went home and took a shower. We laid down and cuddled . I felt his hands rubbin my stomach. The baby started rubbin its feet againt his hand . I smiled and fell asleep


She finally told him

First Chappie

How i do ???

Did u like it ????

What's the gender ??


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