Pushing herself off of the bed, Thea tip-toed out of the room, careful to avoid waking Rhys. She pushed the door to her own room open and walked to the window that seemed to call her name. She lifted it up with a bit of struggle and strategically climbed out of it to her spot on the roof. Her spot was welcoming as always and gave her the perfect view of the stars. She pulled her knees to her chest, Thea rested her head on them.

As she stared up at the beautifully melancholic sky littered with the most beautiful shade of gold she had ever seen. The moon shone a dim yet captivating light making Thea feel as if she were infinite. Thea carefully laid back, placing her hands under her head. All she could see was the sky and its infinite possibilities. The girl with the sad, sad eyes began humming a song that her own mother used to sing to her.

The night went on and the girl who saw life through rose-tinted glass continued to stare at the stars with eyes that held all the wonders in the world. She was too distracted with the stars and the moon to notice the soft roar of Steve Harrington's car, nor did she notice the same boy who got out of his car and sat on the hood of his car, watching the girl with the same amount of wonder she watched the sky above with. We're friends now. Steve had thought to himself. Maybe she won't mind if I join her.

Steve hopped off of the hood of the car and ignored the warning sirens his mind had set off. When he reached the Vigil household, he climbed up the trellis that had vines wrapped around it. Thea furrowed her brows when she had heard the rustling of plants. She lifted herself from her laid back position and prepared herself for whatever was making its way to her. It's probably a killer, or a stalker, or a crazy killer stalker. Oh god I'm going to die. Thea thought to herself, being over dramatic as always.

But, much to Thea's relief, it wasn't a crazed killer, just Steve Harrington clad with his signature goofy grin.

"Need some company?" Steve asked, laughing at Thea's shocked expression.

Thea went to say no and tell him to scram, but she remembered their clean slate. So, she gestured to the empty space next to her, welcoming Steve to join her. His cheesy grin widened and he lifted himself to the roof.

"So, what are we doing?" Steve asked after a moment of sitting in silence.

"Looking at the stars." Thea answered, her eyes never leaving the sky.

"And why are we looking at the stars?"

"Because the stars are pretty and life isn't. So, we look at the stars to forget how shitty life is." Thea answered.

Steve chose not to reply, but just decided to watch the girl next to him. (After all she was the greatest star of them all.) He admired the way her brown locks fell past her shoulders and how the moonlight seemed to accentuate all of her features just right. He felt as if he could count each and every pale freckle that sprayed across the apples of her cheeks. He could faintly smell the lavender aroma that radiated off of her, sending Steve into a goddamn frenzy.

Thea could feel his stare burning into the side of her head. She looked away from the sky and oved her gaze to Steve. Thea lifted a brow and softly laughed.

"We're supposed to be watching the stars, Harrington." Thea spoke quietly her eyes meeting his. Maybe in this moment, Steve would have said something cheesy along the lines of "You are the brightest star.". But, when the thought of his lips locked with Nancy's during their study session entered his mind, he pushed the thought of flirting out of the picture.

On the other hand, Thea had became extraordinarily aware of the lack of space between the two teens. She could feel his eyes analyzing every single feature she had and Thea couldn't help the growing feeling of warmth that began to run through her body. She glanced down at Steve's perfectly pink lips and then back up to his eyes. Steve watched her with a curious stare, his heart pounding against his chest. Maybe, just maybe, if Steve wasn't with Nancy, he would have take the chance and closed the narrow gap between the two of them. Maybe, he would have kissed her and finally felt the electricity everybody always talked about. Maybe, if fate hadn't had it out Thea, there would be a split moment of pure magic for the two, but unfortunately, fate had a tight grip on Thea and wasn't planning on letting go for a very long time. So, Steve pulled back and cleared his throat. He moved his gaze from Thea, trying to ignore the flicker of disappointment on her face, and right back to the stars that gleamed oh so brightly.

"I'm feeling a little tired, Thea. I think I'm going to head back home." Steve spoke, his voice soft. Thea couldn't help the frown that pulled at her lips, but she nodded nonetheless.

"Y-Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow." She said as Steve looked back at her. There wasn't much else to say, so he slide to the edge of the roof all while ignoring his screaming heart that told him to turn right back around and kiss the life out of the girl. Steve walked back to his home and never looked back to the star that sat on a roof and watched him walk away with sad, sad eyes.


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