After the accident, Thea changed from the once lively soul she had once been. Anybody who had known Thea could see it. She had become more reserved, only letting those she had known for a while close to her. Yet, she still portrayed the facade of a strong girl. Rhys had wished that she would show her true self for once, but he understood that this whole act was a defense mechanism. Rhys knew that she just didn't want to lose anyone again, not like her parents, not like Aaron. He felt the slight bubble of anger in his chest as he thought about the night she had come home from the movie theater with her heart on her sleeve and tears in her eyes. He remembered the anger he had felt the moment he had put two and two together. He knew how much she had depended on Aaron and he knew how much she had trusted him to help her; to understand her, and it pained him to see her have her heart that she held so dearly shattered by the one boy she had loved with her all. It was an experience that Rhys wished he could have protected his sister from, but he knew Thea and he knew that she would only grow from this experience. It may hurt now, but in the long run, Rhys knew that Thea would be okay. It would just take just a little bit of time.  Rhys glanced at Thea again, noticing her stirring awake.

"Hey, bug." Rhys spoke softly. "Bug" had been a nickname Rhys used to call her when they were much younger, and much happier, it was one that made Thea smile softly.

"What're you doing?" She asked, yawning after her sentence.

"I was looking for you. What are you doing in here anyways?"

Thea slowly sat up, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "I don't know, to be completely honest."

Rhys frowned, but nodded. "You okay?" He asked after a beat. Thea looked around the room as a sad sigh left her lips.

"No, not really." Thea answered after a second of thought. It was true. For a moment while she was with Aaron and she had thought that he was happy with her, she felt okay. The death of her parents had come out of nowhere, but she had someone to lean on. Aaron was there to see the real her, no fuck-you-and-the-world attitude, but just her. He had seen her at her weakest; he had held her and whispered sweet nothings to her that made her think that maybe things will be alright. But, there was a difference between feeling okay and being okay. "I don't think i've been okay in a long time."

Rhys nodded silently, deciding not to push her to say more on the topic. Clearing his throat, Rhys looked down at his hands.

"I know that things have been hard around here." Rhys paused, trying to gather his thoughts. "I know that I haven't been the best at this guardian thing, but i am trying. I really am. Them leaving was so sudden and neither of us were prepared, but we're Vigils and Vigils are strong as hell. So, it's gonna hurt now and it might hurt for a long time, but it will be okay. We will get through this, kid."

Thea listened to his words thoughtfully, watching as he fidgeted with his hands and how his eyes averted from hers every time his voice cracked. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly, assuring him that she wasn't going anywhere.

"I know, Rhys, i know."

After Rhys left the room, Thea had laid back down in hopes of going back to sleep, but she had no luck (as per usual). So, she laid in bed thinking about the time when her family wasn't half dead and half depressed. She knew that Rhys was right, that they would be okay in the long run, but this didn't stop the hurt that still echoed in the hollowness of her chest as if it was a hymn and she was an empty church. She could feel the grief shackled to her limbs, weighing her down and feeling her body with a heaviness that she just wanted to be rid of. In this moment, Thea didn't care about the long run, she wanted to be okay now. She just wanted to be okay.

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