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That night as Thea got home and settled in, she noticed the absence of her brother. She was sure that he had found another odd-job somewhere, but she couldn't help but worry. Yes, she did act cold to him, but she still loved him. He was her brother after all.

    With a sigh, Thea pulled herself off of the couch, her feet clad in socks with strange patterns, and padded across the floor to the staircase. She took slow steps, examining each picture that had followed the steps upwards. They were old pictures, back when her family was whole. She looked so young and free in the pictures, a carefree smile contrasting with her tan skin. Her mother, who looked just like Rhys, sat on a picnic blanket next to younger Thea, smiling in adoration at her daughter. Thea felt herself tear up at the sight of her beautiful mother looking just as radiant as she always had.

    Thea took a few more steps up the stairs and smiled another tearful smile at another picture. This one had consisted of her brother Rhys, clad in his high school cap and gown, and her father, standing proudly with his arm tightly wrapped around his son's shoulders. Thea laughed as she remembered that her father wasn't one for smiling in photos, but occasionally, when he did smile, Thea could have sworn that the world stood still.

    A coldness tickled her cheek, pulling Thea out of her thoughts. She wiped her hand underneath her eyes, riding herself of the tear that had fell. She felt a familiar yet foreign pain within her being. It was one that had kept her up at nights, screaming and crying for someone or something to help her. But, it was also the same pain that kept her paralyzed in the morning- holding her captive in her own thoughts. A deep sigh left her lips as she heaved herself up the last of the stairs. As Thea walked to her room, it was as if something was calling out to her. She looked down the hall to the last room; it had been her parents room, filled with pictures of their family and half burnt candles that Thea could still faintly smell. Her feet moved slowly, carrying her body to the room that she hadn't been in for over five months. The door creaked open and Thea took a step into the room. Nostalgia hit her like a ton of bricks. The bed was still neatly made, just as her mom alway did in the morning. There was a faint musky smell that filled Thea's nostrils. It smelt just like her father's cheap cologne that he insisted was the best out there.

    Thea walked to the neatly made bed and sat on the edge of it. The tears that Thea tried to hold back fell, but she didn't care. Not anymore. Her heart ached to hear the sounds of her parent's laughter once more. She longed to feel her mother's gentle touch as she would play with her hair. She missed seeing her parents slow dance in the living room when there was no music playing.

That was the thing about her parents, they had a love that was truly, magnificently real. It was like a fairytale, except the prince was just a musician who would perform in lowly clubs where he met a girl who went to a local college and had a soft spot for music. They were just two foolish teens in love. Thea let out a soft cry, wiping away her tears. She lifted herself on to the bed and rested her head onto the pillows. They still smelled like her mother. The night went on and Thea laid in the bed, crying for her parents, but soon enough her tears ceased and her breathing slowed.

Later in the night, just around midnight, Rhys Vigil had arrived back home, confused as to why the lights downstairs were still on.

"Thea?" Rhys called softly, just in case she had just forgotten to turn the lights off. He had gotten no answer, so Rhys shrugged and flipped the light switch. He trudged up the stairs and walked to Thea's room. He knocked on the door gently. Opening the door, Rhys was greeted with an empty room. Frowning to himself, He moved to his room which was just across the hall. He opened the door to his own room in hopes of finding his little sister, but his room was empty too. Finally, looking down the hall, he noticed the door to their parents room cracked open. With a deep sigh, Rhys walked to the room. He opened the door slowly and was greeted with the sleeping figure of Thea on the bed. He walked to the edge of the bed and softly sat down. He pushed stray strands of hair out of her face and analyzed his sister. She looked peaceful, a way that he wished she would stay forever. Rhys only wanted the best for his sister (he always had), but he knew that she was distant now more than ever.

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