Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

          Hiking down the halls of Beacon Hills High, I held my books close to my chest as I made my way through the mass of bodies that littered the hall; bumping into people occasionally. My tail was tucked safely into my pants leg and my cat-like ears were hidden by a hat on top of my head. I looked down at the schedule I picked up from the office as I continued at a slow pace down the hallways. Locker 215. Where is that? I stopped looking at the lockers that lines the walls. 213, 214, ah!, 215. And just my luck too, there's a couple making out against it. Ewww! So gross I hate PDA. What do I do. I stood there staring at them until one noticed me. "Don't you have someone else to stare at while making out, go away wierdo." SSLLUUTT!!!! "That's my locker," I said Pointing to it behind her. "Go find a new locker," She told me. I really hate people. Especially ones like her.

"What the heck are you wearing anyway. Trying to look like a boy, poser."

"That's better than looking like a slut." I mumbled, eyeing the too short skirt that just barely covered her butt and the shirt that stopped above her belly button.

          "Babe did you just hear what she said. Do something about it." She huffed at her so called boyfriend. The guy turned to me and boy did he look like a player. He had dark almost black hair styled in a quiff, mesmerizing hazel eyes, and was muscular with a little 5 o'clock shadow on his chin.  "You know I can't let you talk to my girl like that," The guy said with a smirk. Boy he was fiinnee! But I so wouldn't date him. He's definitely a player. "You have nothing to worry about. I have a feeling she won't be your girlfriend for much longer," I said matter of factly, "you seem like the type of person who doesn't keep girls around for long."

          His smirk faltered and he squinted his eyes at me. He started sniffing the air. What? Wait, sniffing the air. I sniffed the air also. Oh heck! How did I not notice it before? He's a werewolf! I should have known. I such an idiot.

"What are you?" He said now looking me in the eyes, which are dark brown with slitted pupils, like a cat. Oh no. I started speed walking away from him. The little argument with his girlfriend long forgotten. I could still hear them because of my cat-like ears though. "Now where were we?" I heard the slut say. "Derek where are you going! Come back!" She said a couple seconds after that. Oh no, is he following me? I sped up my walking until I was almost in a jog. I started pushing past people in my way, trying to get outside the school fast. I could hear his footsteps trailing after me. Shoot I didn't even make it to my first period. I pushed past the last bit of people separating me from the door, before ramming my side in to the door lever, making it fly open and me stumble out. I have to make it back to my home before he catches me. I jump down the three little concrete stairs that led to the school and darted in the direction of my home. As i was running across the campus of the school, I hear the double doors swinging open again. "Hey wait," He said. I glance behind me to see him with a smile on his face. I can't believe it! He likes chasing me! He's having fun while i'm running for my life. He even laughed. I can tell you one thing though, there's no way i'm stopping. He'll figure out what I am if I do.

          I ran across the street with him hot on my trail. "Why are you running!" He yelled to me. Wow, he sounded close.I didn't respond instead I sped up more. Am I really that slow. Geez I need to go for a run more often. I ran for the forest just a little farther in front of me. "Just tell me what you are!" Geez why won't he just give up. Why is he so desparate to find out that he's chasing me. I broke through the tree line and headed deeper into the forest, the trees getting thicker and thicker and harder to get around. I'm pretty sure I was running zigzag just to get around them. Dagumit, I'm getting tired. My house is just a little further. I kept going, trying not to slow down even though I wanted to. I saw the outline of my house up ahead. My side was killing me and my thighs and calfs were burning. Definitely need to run more. I glanced behind me again to see him still trailing after me. He Had an animalistic look like he was running after prey and he wasn't even breaking a sweat. He was using his wolf, that cheater.

          I looked in front of me again and dodged another tree before breaking through the tree line again and running across another street before taking an abrupt turn to the left once I was on the sidewalk. My shoes thumped loudly against the concrete but not just my shoes, his too. He's still there. Oh my gosh just stop. Lucky for me my house is just two more houses down. My legs were starting to slow down.

         I took an immediate right and bounded up the steps to my front door before turning the knob, that was always unlocked unless my mom was gone, and bursting through the door, only to see my mom talking in the living room with the werewolf she was ment to protect. I quickly turned around trying to close the door, but it was too late. The boy, or Derek as the slut called him, stood there with the biggest smirk on his face and his hand on the door so I couldn't close it.

"Ah, Jesse! I see you've done met Mrs. Hale's (werewolf the moms supposed to protect) son." Mom said.


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