Chapter #:11 A Regular Day

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You wake up to the sight of a dark room

Trying to remember what happened just hurts even more

You see a figure start to fade in the distance and you called out to it

"Who are you?"

Yet No response

You slowly start to walk to the figure

Your surprised to see yourself and two others?

You couldn't make out the two but me and the other two seem to be fighting someone

You ran to see what was going on until you were blasted away by a strong force of wind and woke up in your bed

"What was that about" You said to yourself

"And who were those two" you continued

Before you decided to stop thinking about it

You Jumped up off your bed and started getting ready for school

{TimeSkip}=To When you get to the school
You were pushed and shoved by a bunch of reporters asking how
All Might is at teaching

"Listen if you don't back off I will take it as Assault and I will be forced to take you out" You say angrily

Then You Walked Into the building opened your classroom door and just like you expected everyone was talking

'Guess I was late' You thought to yourself

You Sighed

Grabing everyone's attention

And everyone ran over to you people you didn't even know

"Are you okay" Some random person said

"You took Bakugou down thats amazing" Someone else said

And It continued for the next 20 minutes

Untill Mr.Aizawa came in

'Thank God' You thought to yourself

"Alright Class Today we will be picking class President

"Kill me now" you say to yourself

While falling asleep when you woke
You were happy when you found you weren't picked

And the End result was Midoriya and Momo

After that was announced lida looked upset but you didn't really care why

Then it was time to leave the classroom and go to lunch

You Didn't really want to considering your not hungry

But you went anyway

You sat down at the table with Midoriya and his friends

You guys chatted for awhile until an emergency alarm went off everybody started running getting trapped in the hallways not letting anybody through

You looked out the Windows to see the reporters broke through the big entrance door

You thought to yourself

'If this was a real villain you would all die'

You thought of a Megaphone

And were pretty happy when one appeared in your hand

"Everyone Just look outside the Windows"

You Screamed In the Megaphone

Everyone stoped Moving and looked out the window and EVERYONE sighed with Relief

'Jeez' you thought to yourself

You jumped out the window and landed with your feet

You walked over to the reporters and gave them a death glare

"So you didn't listen to my warning so now you're going to have to face consequences for your actions" You stated

"And Here is the best part not only is this assault this is intruding ground where you don't belong great so now I don't have to hold back"

The Reporters ran away

"Oh come on I really wanted to fight them I mean they do have quirks right" You said upset

"what do you mean they don't have any quirks" Mr.Aizawa said with his blank face

"Then how did they get in" You Question Waiting for his answer

"We don't know your door just vanished" He said Back

"Alright" you said back I'm gonna go back to the classroom"

You said as you walked away

In the end Midoriya Choose me to be Class Presidant

I said to everyone that I would give the class president title to lida

After that everyone respected my decision and that was it

I saw Midoriya run out the classroom as fast as he could and at that moment I realized That I haven't seen Bakugou
today I thought maybe he
is suspended so I left it alone I wanted to test something before I left I climbed up on the building and thought that I could get a jetpack

I wished for the jetpack and it appeared in my hand

And put it on your back and press the little red button that was on one of the little handles you were holding then you press the other one and you soared through the sky and got to see the whole city you flew down into your home breaking a whole into the roof of the house instantly scared that your mother would hear you hid the jetpack and yourself and you waited and waited until you fell asleep.

And there the chapter is done I want to thank everyone like I always do for reading the chapter guys mean so much to me but the next chapter might take a bit of time because of something big I'm planning to do anyway like always
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