Love At First Flight (A Zarry FanFiction)

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Hey guys, this is my first story EVER, so please do not judge. But i DO except constructive criticism ( ohh big words;)... for me ). I dedicate this first chapter to my amazayn friend, Mellissa, because it is all fluffy- like a cute, just like her :D ilyz babe. <3 ok so here we go........

OH and sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors!

Hannah xo


Harry's POV

"Harry, Harry love" My mothers voice ran through my ears.

"Love it's time to get up, todays the big day" wait whats she- OH SHIT, X FACTOR AUDITIONS!

I sprang up from my bed, trying to find all my clothes, but my mind was racing to much to truly focus. So bascially, i resulted in just pacing around my room like a mad man on a mission.

I turned back to see my mum giggling at me, hands cupped together over her heart. "Honey, calm down. I'm sure you- forget that, i KNOW, you wil be amazing as ever." She said shooting me a reasuring smile. 

I reached a shaky hand to cup her cheek and gave her a warm smile before pulling her into a big hug. She doesn't know how much her words mean to me. (A/N sorry, i'm not sure if its wierd, him like cupping her cheek... some of my friends said it was, but its his mum!!! i find it cute! teehee) 

"Thanks mum" I whispered into her ear. We stood like that for a while and i only pulled back when i heard a sniffle. A huge smile was spread across her face, tears silently running down her cheeks.

"You're all grown up" she exclaimed, laying light kisses on my forehead. "but you'll always be my little boy". She quickly turned around, walking towards the door, wiping away her tears. "ahh,i'll go before i get too mushy. I'll whip you up some breakfast, you get ready, your bags are already in the car" . She walked out, closing the door behind her. Leaving me with a little more confidence than before.

"Yeah, you can do this, you are Harry Styles!" i muttered to myself while pulling on my outfit for the day. I put my phone in my pocket on the way to the door.

I stopped and turned, leaning on the mahogany door frame. (A/N THAT IS MAHOGANY!). I looked around my medium-sized bedroom. It wasn't really a big room, just enough space for my king-sized bed, a desk, draws, a bedside cabinet and a decent amount of floor space. But i didn't mind, it was all i needed. I wonder how long it will be before i sleep in here again, i thought to myself.

I sighed, finally closing the door and heading for the kitchen. Drudging down the hall, still in a tired state, i could already smell my breakie.

Waking up at six in the morning isn't really a delightful task for me. By now it was twenty to seven and it takes an hour to get to the airport. My plane leav-

:Your plane leaves at eight thirty but you have to be there half an hour early for check-in" mum said, as if she was reading my mind. This woman knows me too well, but then again, she did raise me.

Mum walked over to my perch at the counter and handed me a plate, piled with four heavenly- looking waffles, covered in syrup and half melted butter.

"Oh my, mother, are you tring to fatten me up?" she replied with a smirk followed by her answer.

"Harry, don't be silly, you don't know how long the wait will be or when the next time you get a chance to eat will be!" 

I guess so. I dug in, letting a satisfied groan leave my lips as I tasted my mummys delightful cooking. I take after my mother, but i'm definetly not as good as her. I guess my part-time job at the local bakery helps a bit too.

Soon enough the god-given gift was gone. Mum told me to wait in the car while she popped to the loo. So here i am, sitting in the passenger seat of her red toyota. Boy i can't wait till i get my own car. I can drive, but i just haven't really got the money for a decent one.

I flicked on the radio and started tapping the beat on the dashboard. I didn't know the song but as I listened to the lyrics, i felt like there was a reason it was playing.

"Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground. Like a skyscraper, like a skyscraper" The song shifted throught a number of verses and the chorus that i had caught most of the words to played and i glady belted out the lyrics, occasuonaly mumbling words that I wasn't sure of. I sang and sang, my confidence only rising, as i was throwing my arms wildy about in the air. Pure emotion leaking from my soul.

As the song came to an end, the radio announcer, Fletch, acknowledged that the song was SkyScraper by Demi Lovato. I knew i had heard that name somewhere before......

A knock on my window interupted me from my thoughts. I turned to see my mum, her head was down, but i could slightly see tears on hercheeks and she was shaking, almost violenty. 

I quickly tried to open my door, realising it was locked and slammed my hand on the unlock button, throwing the door open.

"MUM, Whats wrong? What happened? Are you ok?!?!?" I pressed, going into a frantic frenzy (A/N oooh Melissa, Alitteration!)

But then she lifted her head and i could see a huge grin on her face.....wait what?

She smirke and replied. "Lets just say, I've been standing here for quite a while, but i didn't wan't to interupt you to tell you that in your little pop-star-in-the-making moment, you must havepressed the lock button with those wild arms of yours". She bursted back into her laughing state. "Oh and, that video phone you got me for christmas, yea thats finally come in handy" she winked, gesturing to the phone in her hand.

OH THAT EVIL WOMAN! Well...............thats embarassing -.-

We drove to the airport singing, dancing and singing to the songs on the radio. Mum turning the radio louded to drown out my pleas for her to delete the video. Talking and laughing with my mum has always been so easy. My mother is a very accepting person. When I told her i was gay, she did't get disgusted, she just told me that if i was haooy, she was too.

 I think i've always known that i was gay. I never really look at girls in an 'attraction' way. Last year, i met a guy and we had a think but we both knew it wouldn't last. But thats the only relationship i've ever been in with a guy, actually the only relationship i''ve ever been in.

Soon enough we had reached the airport, I had checked in and the last board call had sounded and i was standing at the gate. My mothers warm, comforting arms wrapped around me.

" Good luck son, stay safe, ring me whenever you want. Any time of day OR NIGHT! I'm always here to talk". 

"Thanks mum, i will" I assured her.

A few sniffles and forehead kisses later, I was through the doors.I turned and waved once more. and then, she was out of my sight all together.

I walked down the air tunnel/ bridge thingy and stopped at the doors to the plane.

Here we go. The adventure starts here.


Ok so it wasn't a very eventful chapter but i have alot of ideas for upcoming ones :D

Please feel free to comment, i would really like to know if i should continue... because if not im just wasting my precious fanfic reading time. hhahahah yes i read ALOT of fanfics so if you have one (i mainly read 1D bromance ones but i accept others too) PLEASE leave the title in your comment and i will take a look, if i haven't already read it ;)

Thanks heaps 

Hannah xo

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