Bloody Scary

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There once was a thirteen years and two months old girl named Janice. She was the only one in the house because her parents and her sisters went to a mall to buy food in the supermarket.

One day, a heavy rain poured so hard outside of her house. Janice was reading a book alone in the living room, when suddenly, the lights flickered mysteriously in the living room, so she quickly went to her room. After a few minutes later, she checked the living room to see if the lights were still flickering. That's when she saw a woman wearing a white dress passing by the window of her house. Her face was so freaky and scary, so Janice quickly ran to room! Janice stayed in her room until her parents and her sisters arrived in the house.

The next day, Janice went to the basement to get her volleyball, when suddenly, she saw the woman again! This time, her clothes were covered in blood and she held a 5 inch knife which was stained in blood. After that, Janice saw a shadow in front of her, so turned around to see the figure behind her. As she turned around, she saw an inhuman spirit named Agares, screaming at her. Janice quickly ran away as fast as she could!

This horrific true event that happened to Janice was one of her most scary encounters and unforgettable event in her life.

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