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❛ I love it when I catch you staring at me

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❛ I love it when I catch you staring at me. ❜


Max snaps out of her thoughts and looks towards Mike, who had harshly went past her, riding his bike. She rolled her eyes and hopped on her skateboard, following Mike to school. He noticed and rolled his eyes. He smirked to himself, turning in the direction where a rock was at. At the last minute, he turned away from the rock, but Max was too late and her skateboard tumbled over and made her fall.

She planted her hands on the ground, looking up to see Mike disappearing from her view. She got up and wiped her hands on her jeans, riding to school by herself.

"Dude, where's Max? You were supposed to get her." Lucas questioned Mike and he just rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to pick your girlfriend up, that's your job." Mike retorted to Lucas, who had just sighed in annoyance. Max, on the other hand, was walking up to the school after jumping off her skateboard minutes later. The boys saw her, mostly Mike, but all he did was cross his arms and head towards the school. Will wanted to follow him but he also wanted to stay with Dustin, Lucas, and Max.

"What the hell is his problem?" Max asked in defeat.

"I mean every since we let you join our party, he's been acting like this. I don't know why but E- I mean, Jane's back and well, so there's no reason for him to hate you." Dustin elucidated to her. Max just shook her head and walked away as the boys followed suit.


Lucas, Dustin, and Will ran in the classroom, heading to their seats. Max was about to go to her seat when Mike stick his foot out and she tripped. Everyone laughed and so did Mike but Dustin, Lucas, and Will didn't laugh. They got out of their seats and checked if she was okay.

She nodded, trying to hide her smile by biting her lip. She got up and went to her seat, everyone looking at her.

"So, I'm assuming you're okay, Max?" Mr. Clarke instituted Max, she nodded once again and he continued his lesson which nobody payed attention to but the four boys and the girl. Mike started to feel completely bad for tripping Max, but he couldn't. He shouldn't and he won't.

He turned around to where Max was as she kept staring at Mr. Clarke while he was talking. Mike kept looking at her, distracted by her beauty.

She turned to look at his brown eyes, but he quickly turned around, facing Mr. Clarke. She smirked to herself and sat back in her seat.


As Mike was sitting on the school steps waiting for his friends, Max appeared in front of him.

"Seriously, Wheeler. What is your problem? Your friends are telling me that you have a thing for me yet you act like a complete douchebag!" Max implied with an angry tone. Mike stood up and turned to face her. He squinted his eyes, stepping closer to her which confused Max.

"Well, guess what? They're bullshitting!" Mike yelled at Max. She looked at him confusingly and he looked back at her before adding, "Because I hate you."

"You two gettin' along?" Will asked frantically. Mike glared at Will with a seriously? look. He looked down then up to Lucas and Dustin.

"Mike, seriously. You need to be nice. I bet Jane would-"

"Last time I checked, Jane hated her!"

"Last time I checked, she used to hate me. Me and Jane are actually cool now." Max uttered to Mike bitterly and he glared at her.

"Nobody was talking to you!"

"Well, you were talking about me!"

"Just stay in your lane, Mayfield." Mike imperiled and tried to walked past Max, but she grabbed his hand, "By the way, I love it when I catch you staring at me."

Mike started to blush but then he harshly pulls out of her grip, walking to his bike to ride home.

"You like him." Will sputtered. They all looked at him, they obviously heard what he said.

"Is it bad?" Max queried. Lucas, Dustin, and Will looked at each other then looked at Max. Then, their faces grew into smile and they all started to jump up and down.

"It should be Madwheeler!"

"No, Wheelfield."

"Those both sound stupid."

Max laughed at their stupidity and started to hop on her skateboard, riding to Mike's house. The boys got on their bikes and followed Max to Mike's house.



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