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A/N: Here's yet another high school AU! This is the third one I'm currently working on but this time it's a collab with @fluentinmoviequotes! This story will be up on her and my wattpad so let us know what you think!


'There's no better friend than a sister.'


"I am this close to losing it with you." Aubrey pinched her thumb and forefinger together to show her point.

"For the last fucking time I don't have it." Beca groaned into her hands that were being propped up by her elbows on her desk.

What's worse than a sister? A step-sister.

"I swear to god if I find it in here..." The blonde trailed off warningly before she began searching through the brunette's messy bedroom.

Beca spun around on her chair with an exasperated sigh as she watched her step-sister practically ransack her room.

That's right. Beca and Aubrey are step-sisters and have been for 4 years now. Their parents married each other when Aubrey was 12 and Beca was 14, such a tender time to have another girl your age around the house. Now at 16 and 18, they've grown into their teenage years together and let's just say it's not always been pretty...

They clash. Hard.

The girls have such polar opposite personalities that they struggle to get along, even after 4 years.

Beca opened her desk drawer and pulled out Aubrey's phone charger before throwing it in front of the girl who was currently on her hands and knees, looking under the bed.

The blonde exhaled loudly before turning her head to look up at the older girl who was sitting there smirking. "I hate you." She quickly scrambled to her feet, picking up her charger in the process before storming over to Beca, raising her hand, threateningly.

Beca couldn't contain her laugh as she shielded herself from Aubrey's hand that was currently trying to slap her.

"Girls! Are you ready yet?" Beca's father, John called up from downstairs.

The girls stopped for a moment to look at each other. Aubrey was already dressed in her school uniform but Beca still hadn't been in the shower yet.

"Beca's not even showered yet!" Aubrey called back.

"Beca! Hurry up!" John warned.

"You're such a snitch." Beca shook her head as she spun back around in her chair to quickly turn her laptop off.

Aubrey gave her step-sister a sarcastic smile before leaving the room. She walked downstairs and headed to the kitchen, pulling out her phone as she got a notification.

"Morning, sweetheart." Aubrey's mother, Tracey greeted.

"Morning." The teenager replied distractedly as she unlocked her phone.

"Morning. You almost ready?" John gave his step-daughter a kiss on the top of the head on the passing.

"Yeah I just gotta do my hair." Aubrey replied before checking the text Chloe had sent her.


Can you pick me up? It's raining and I'm sure as hell not ruining my hair...

[Sent at: 7:03am]

Aubrey smiled to herself as she quickly replied to her best friend telling her that they'd pick her up on the way. She just had to inform the driver first though. The driver being the one and only Beca...

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